Getting rid of paternalism is a prerequisite of the one Local Orthodox Church, UGCC head

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150414_3.jpgUnification of the Churches is impossible without religious freedom. A necessary element of religious freedom is the church-state partner relations. Whenever a state, even our own, wants to use the church for their political goals, it commits violence over it. The principle of non-interference into the church life is a prerequisite for its development.

Patriarch Sviatoslav told about this in his sermon on April 13, 2015, the patronal feast of the UGCC Patriarchal Cathedral of Resurrection in Kyiv, according to the Information Department of the UGCC.

According to the hierarch of the UGCC, getting rid of from state paternalism is a prerequisite for building a local church in Ukraine. "Otherwise, every church unity that comes from the outside, which is designed in any public office, is not helpful but generates new divisions,” stresses the patriarch.

“That's why we, on the one hand, work and pray for unity between churches and on the other hand we declare the need for freedom of the Church and partnerships with our Ukrainian state,” said the patriarch.

After the sermon patriarch called on to pray for unity between all the heirs of Volodymyr's baptism: “Let us pray and build one local church in Ukraine.”

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  • mijswerdna | 15 April 2015, 04:38
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    You don't need a partnership with the state, you need a DIVORCE from the state! The capital of Ukraine should not be Kyiv. I would suggest Poltava as the saying is that "Kyiv is the Ukrainian capital whereas Poltava is the Ukrainian capital". Kyiv is a holy city which is home to all three branches of the church including the one that is still connected to Russia. It is New Jerusalem. You may note that the capital of Israel is Tel Aviv, not Jerusalem. The Ukrainian government is currently a warmongering coalition of western leaning oligarchs (who are every bit as corrupt as the previous eastern leaning ones)and anti-Russian ultra-nationalists who have decided that Russia will forever be equated with the Soviet government and that the 27 million who stopped Hitler from taking over Europe should be defamed and forgotten in favor of Stepan Bandera. All of that is too politicized and divisive and tends to "interfere in church life," Likewise the Yanukovych government has interfered with church unity. There shouldn't be mobs of protesters and burning tires and violence or any other political activity. This sort of desecration is highly inappropriate for a holy city.

    • Linda Knox | 15 April 2015, 17:03
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      I agree with you only on this one point, “You don't need a partnership with the state, you need a DIVORCE from the state!” and that DIVORCE should especially apply to Moscow and the Russian State. Moscow should have no control over any Ukrainian Church in Ukraine… Sorry dude, as for the rest of your analysis, it reads like a Putin inspired version of history and reality. 1. “27 million who stopped Hitler”??? Do you mean “27 million” Soviet WWII casualties??? Well then perhaps 60 million WWII casualties should be the appropriate measure. You want to honor WWII casualties then honor all of them, including those who fought both evils -- Stalin and Hitler. The Ukrainian Government has moved to do what Europe has done a long time ago. The EU including Germany recognizes the evil of both Hitler and Stalin, who conspired and started WWII. Your Putin is doing the opposite. He is warmongering and gathering around him the new fascist scum from around the world in his attempt to solidify his power and bring back Stalinism to Russia. Clearly, Putin is turning Russia into a new Stalinist-style Empire, so there is no point in blaming the messenger. There is definitely no point in blaming non-brainwashed Ukrainians who don’t view Putin and his new Stalinist State as something to be “revered” and “emulated.” You might give some thought to the notion that Russia and Ukraine have not been allowed to rid themselves of the “cult of Stalinism” and that that process is long overdue. Give some thought to what Dmitrij Oreshkin (among many others) has pointed out, “Nemcev ot nacizma lechili, a nam vylechit'sja ne dajut». Dmitrij Oreshkin o bor'be Ukrainy s sovetskim proshlym.” ("Germans were treated/cured against Nazism, but they don't allow us to recover [from our Soviet past]". Dmitry Oreshkin about Ukraine’s fight against the Soviet past.") 2. “Kyiv is a holy city which is home to all three branches of the church including the one that is still connected to Russia.” Yours is a very simplistic analysis. Kiev is home to numerous churches, including the Russian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church, among others. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church “still connected to Russia” is the Church run by Moscow and those who very consciously work at subjugating and colonizing Ukraine. Ukraine is not Russia and Moscow’s attempt to use the HOLY UKRAINIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH, the HOLY MOTHER CHURCH, to manipulate and push Ukrainians into their “Russkii mir” –physical or spiritual—is a crime against every Ukrainian and should be condemned by every thinking Christian.

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  • Zenia | 17 September 2019, 23:15

    Молодець, я б вас лайкнула, якби можна було!)) Бачу, ви теж всюди влучно гасите цього сраного москальського троля.))

  • Zenia | 17 September 2019, 23:13

    Мишка, а русская церковь была официально признана уже "Стамбульским" патриархом Иеремией II аж в 1589 году, а потом её ещё более ста лет не признавали другие поместные церкви! Или вашу РПЦ

  • Paraeklezyarh | 17 September 2019, 22:50

    Цікаво, і хто це патріарха Варфоломія мав позбавляти права на титул Вселенський ? Можливо Ви ?) Ніхто ніколи не відміняв постанови Вселенських соборів, котрі надають архієпископу Константинополя і

  • Михаил | 17 September 2019, 21:44

    "Вселенная" этого "вселенского" пока ещё патриарха закончилась в 1453 году, с падением Константинополя и Византии. А на данный момент его "вселенная" это Турция, а его

  • Paraeklezyarh | 17 September 2019, 21:35

    Стосовно визнання ПЦУ папою римським, теж не зрозуміло, з якого дива канонічну церкву має визнавати ( і як саме "визнавати") предстоятель неканонічної церкви ?

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