Commission for Religious Affairs is preparing proposals on tariff issues

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The Commission for Religious Affairs of the Public Council under the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine analyzed problematic aspects of the practical application of electricity tariffs for religious organizations.

This issue was the subject of consideration at the meeting held on October 17, on the premises of the Department of Religious and Ethnic Affairs of the Ministry, according to the Institute for Religious Freedom.

Chairman of the Commission and Executive Director of IRS Maxim Vasin cited facts of ambiguous application of the law, when religious organizations are demanded to purchase electricity at commercial rates instead of the tariff for the population.

During the meeting, Director of the Department of Religious and Ethnic Affairs Ministry of Culture Volodymyr Yushkevych told the Committee members about current issues of the activity of the public authority for religious matters. According to him, the Department initiates professional development seminars on religious matters for the professionals of regional state administrations.

The meeting also considered the problematic issues of charitable activity and distribution of humanitarian aid from abroad under the auspices of religious organizations. Establishing an effective mechanism for interaction of the churches is especially important to help migrants from Donbas and the Crimea, as well as in the context of the needs of the army and those affected in the ATO zone.

In conclusion, the members of the Commission for Religious Affairs of the Public Council under the Ministry of Culture exchanged views on other issues that need to be addressed in the near future.

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    • | 23 October 2018, 08:33

      У этого горе-"римо-католика" абсолютно ВСЯ "его" эта агрессивная, злобно-ненавистная терминология и "аргументация" - полностью, 1:1, позаимствованы (скопированы) из

    • enzian | 22 October 2018, 22:41

      Та ні, він же "католик" (з його слів).

    • Petro_R | 22 October 2018, 22:06

      І про що це там щебече дикий мокша Міхаїл?

    • Михаил | 22 October 2018, 20:15

      Где написано, что он имеет власть над другими церквями? Он что, подружившись с Денисенко заразился его болезнями - мания величия, жажда власти, врать, фальсифицировать и вводить в заблуждение? Ждём

    • bopa | 22 October 2018, 19:37

      Фраза "«наші брати слов'яни не можуть терпіти першості Вселенського Патріархату і нашої нації в Православ'ї»." потребує розвитку, бо до України не відноситься! Так думаю, мабуть, не тільки

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