Public Council of Ministry of Culture Sets Up Committee on Religions

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The Public Council of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine elected its leadership, approved its regulations and set up specialized committees at its session.

President of the All-Ukrainian Foundation for promotion of international communication “Ukrainian People’s Embassy” Ihor Prystavskyi has been elected head of the council, reported the Institute for Religious Freedom.

A representative of the Ukrainian Society of Protection of Monuments of History and Culture, Bohdan Kozhushko and Deputy Director of the Institute of Christian Democracy, Yurii Reshetnikov have been elected the deputy heads.

The main specialists of the Sector of analytical and Information Work and Connections With the Public, Elvira Dovha was elected Secretary of the Public Council.

According to its Regulations, the Public Council set up its specialized committees:

Committee on Matters of Culture, Art and Specialized Education,

Committee on Matters of Religion,

Committee on Interethnic Relations and Protection of Rights of National Minorities of Ukraine,

Committee on State language Policy,

Committee on Cultural Heritage and Values.

Fifty-seven members participated in the first session of the council, which was held in the Chaikovskyi National Music Academy of Ukraine.

On January 26, 2011, the constituent assembly of the Public Council was held. According to Decree 132 of the Ministry of Culture, it included representatives of a number of churches and religious organizations and a representative of the Institute for Religious Freedom.

Let us remind the readers that in December 2010, President Yanukovych liquidated the State Committee on Nationalities and Religions and transfered its functions to the Ministry of Culture.Мінкультури.jpg

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    • romand | 24 February 2018, 16:52

      A wolf in sheep's clothing?

    • | 22 February 2018, 20:55

      Как знать: всё может быть... -------- Пусть приезжает: я с гневным протестом под колёса его "папомобиля" бросаться НИКАК не буду! :-) -------- Едва ли не как это тогда, в июне 2001 г.,

    • Михаил | 22 February 2018, 20:03

      Приезд Святейшего Папы в любом случае привлечёт новое и дополнительное внимание к Украине и, возможно, заставит многих по новому взглянуть на наши проблемы и проявить больше решительности.

    • | 22 February 2018, 14:32

      Помнится, что 23-27 июня 2001 г. в Украину с БЛАГОСЛОВЕННЫМ архипастырским визитом приезжал воистину великий и вдохновенный служитель Божий - св. Папа Иоанн Павел ІІ. ------ И вот РОВНО через ТРИ с

    • Михаил | 22 February 2018, 13:15

      Устами младенца глаголет истина!

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