• 20 November 2017, 12:13 | National religious question | 

    Chaly: It’s time for US to officially recognize Holodomor as genocide

    Kyiv intends to seek from the U.S. the recognition of the Holodomor of 1932-1933 as genocide of the Ukrainian people, Ukrainian ambassador to Washington Valeriy Chaly has said.

  • 17 November 2017, 15:37 | International relations | 

    Andriy Yurash: information about support of the UOC at UN is anti-Ukrainian fake

    Information websites of the UOC-MP (MP) and their related media have spread the false information that Ukraine was criticized for violating the rights of the UOC (MP) on the November 15 UN session in Geneva.

  • 16 November 2017, 11:23 | Religious holidays and traditions | 

    Ukraine declares Christmas day according to Gregorian calendar its national day off

    The explanatory note to the new Ukrainian law says that about a third of all Christian communities of Ukraine consider December 25 a holiday.

  • 13 November 2017, 14:08 | Religious holidays and traditions | 

    MPs to vote the Christmas according to Gregorian calendar official day off

    On Thursday, MPs of Ukraine will vote for a law on the possibility of official celebration of Christmas in two calendars - Julian and Gregorian. MP Viktor Ukolov reported this on his Facebook page.

  • 8 November 2017, 11:34 | National religious question | 

    U.S. Congress presents draft resolution on Holodomor in Ukraine

  • 31 October 2017, 12:34 | National religious question | view photo | 

    Roman Catholics place a memorial sign to Stalin’s repression victims

    “This monument is an example of the fact that we must nurture and sow the civilization of love. Avoid sowing hatred. We see an example of hatred - so many people shot and sent to the concentration camps,” says Bishop Leon.

  • 19 October 2017, 13:35 | Legislation | 

    The Council of Churches supported bill No. 5294 against domestic violence

    During the meeting, representatives of the Council of Churches supported the draft of the Bill No. 5294, reports the Institute of Religious Freedom.

  • 18 October 2017, 13:04 | Church-state relations | 

    AUCCRO to facilitate release of hostages held captive by DPR/LPR

    The All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations will contact interchurch associations and humanitarian institutions with a request to assist in the release of hostages. This decision was taken by the AUCCRO during the discussion of this issue with Vasyl Hrytsak, Chief of the Security Service of Ukraine, with the participation of mothers and wives of hostages who have been held by the so-called "Donetsk People’s Republic" and "Luhansk People’s Republic" for more than three years the territory of the East of Ukraine beyond the government’s control, the Institute of Religious Freedom reports

  • 18 October 2017, 09:33 | Religion and society | 

    Russian refugee Muslims may be unable to get asylum in Ukraine

    Muslims who flee from Russia due to constant repression may be unable to receive asylum in the territory of Ukraine. In the absence of a clear migration policy, border guards and DHS workers decide for themselves to whom to provide asylum.

  • 9 October 2017, 13:31 | National religious question | 

    Various forms of national memory should be united in Babyn Yar

    “When it comes to a general memorial, for example, I have been saying, for example, for almost 15 years, that I would like to see not a common memorial, but an architectural and landscape ensemble where each group can insert its monument. But they will all be united by a single idea,” says co-founder of the Association of Jewish Community Organizations and Communities of Ukraine.

  • 9 October 2017, 12:06 | Legislation | 

    Ministry of Justice to give clarifications on Law on registration of religious organizations

    The Ministry of Justice will distribute its clarifications among the territorial justice administrations regarding the peculiarities of state registration of religious organizations.

  • 22 September 2017, 10:02 | National religious question | 

    Poroshenko calls on UN member states to recognize the Holodomor of 1932-1933 as genocide

    President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called on UN member states to recognize the Holodomor in Ukraine in 1932-1933 as an act of genocide, Radio Liberty reports.

  • 21 September 2017, 09:58 | Church-state relations | view photo | 

    Non-profit status of religious organizations discussed in Kyiv

    On Wednesday, September 20, a roundtable discussion was held dedicated to "Peculiarities of the legal status of religious organizations in the legal framework of Ukraine: non-profit statu"”. The event was organized by the Department of Foreign Relations of the Patriarchal Curia of the UGCC in Ukraine.

  • 20 September 2017, 12:36 | Ukrainians outside of Ukraine | 

    The Hierarchs of the Church Met with the President of Ukraine

    On Monday, September 18, Metropolitan Antony and Archbishop Daniel participated in the meeting of the Ukrainian-American Community and the representatives of the Crimean Tatar organizations with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at the Ukrainian Museum in New York City, NY. The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church was represented at the meeting by Bishop Pavlo (Khomnitsky), Eparch of Stamford Diocese, Bishop Basil (Losten), Bishop Emeritus of Stamford Diocese, and representatives of secular and civic organizations.

  • 8 September 2017, 10:32 | Legislation | 

    Parliamentary committee supports abolition of notarization of religious organizations’ charters

    The Committee on Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship recommends that Ukraine’s Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) adopts Bill No. 6642, which envisages the abolition of the requirement for notarization of the signatures as an unnecessary intermediate link in the process of registering the charters of religious organizations.

  • 7 September 2017, 16:31 | Church-state relations | 

    Russian Orthodox Church urges Poroshenko not to interfere with church matters and claims the Local Church already exists in Ukraine

    The Moscow Patriarchate has called the words of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko about the establishment of a local Orthodox Church in Ukraine, with the support of the Patriarch of Constantinople an attempt to earn political capital.

  • 4 September 2017, 11:10 | Religious intolerance and vandalism | 

    President Poroshenko calls to stop attacks on the Ukrainian Church in Crimea

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called unacceptable the attack on the Church of the Holy and Equal-to-the Apostles Prince Volodymyr and Olga of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate in Simferopol in the occupied Crimea. The President’s press-service reports him as saying this during a meeting with the Heads of Churches and Heroes of Ukraine on September 2, 2017.

  • 29 August 2017, 09:14 | National religious question | view photo | 

    Victims of Ilovaisk cauldron remembered in prayers in Kyiv

    As reported, the main tragic events near Ilovaisk occurred these days in 2014, when the Ukrainian troops suffered the greatest losses. The encircled soldiers were shot dead during an open humanitarian border, which became a turning point in the course of hostilities in eastern Ukraine

  • 24 August 2017, 11:34 | Religion and society | 

    Poroshenko mentions former head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church at the Parade on the Independence Day

    In his speech to the Parade on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine, President Petro Poroshenko cited the words of Archbishop Lubomyr Husar of the UGCC.

  • 17 August 2017, 14:30 | Church-state relations | 

    Ministry of Justice sets the Pastoral Council for Religious Care in Penitentiary System

    The Pastoral Council for Religious Care in Ukraine’s penitentiary will now work under the Ministry of Justice. The respective Regulation was approved by Decree № 2170/5of the Ministry of Justice of 05.07.2017, І reports.