Head of Ukrainian Baptists specifies strategic objectives of All-Ukrainian Union of Churches of Evangelical Christians-Baptists

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Head of the Ukrainian Union of Churches of Evangelical Christians-Baptists Valeriy Antoniuk specified the Union’s priorities for the coming years, as reported by Religion in Ukraine citing Invictory.

"First of all, we must stand in the Gospel truth in these difficult conditions, serving our neighbour and loving our enemies. This is a common task for all churches. Today there are much hatred and divisions. As the Body of Christ, we must show unity and stability in God's truth in order to bear these values ​​in society,” said Valeriy Antoniuk in an interview with the press service of the Baptist Union.

Among the priorities, he stressed missionary service and evangelism. “Secondly, our priorities remain the same as last year - missionary ministry and evangelism. Involvement of unsaved people remains our top priority. Today, unfortunately, we cannot go to Russia, but we look at the countries Middle East, Asia, Europe, where there are as many needs,” he said.

Valeriy Antoniuk also focused on working with young people: “I think that every minister and every specific Church must develop a special approach andidentify strategic objectives to reach young people. They include attention and care of young people in the churches of young families, of the next generation.”

The head of the Baptist Union considers the qualified training of new ministers to be a subsequent task and priority. “Our union is still one of the main tasks to different levels to different ministries promptly joined the new dedicated people. Our goal is to ordain for service at least 1,000 people until 2020. Ukraine badly needs it,” Antoniuk concluded.

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    • bleck.cuttler | 15 October 2018, 23:38

      Нехай цей Чаплін спочатку зніме зі своєї довбешки ті пісюни, які клали на нього і на весь інший МосПархат в Константинополі і в Києві, а вже потім тявкає!!!

    • storozh | 15 October 2018, 21:00

      Путин, как узнает, что на Афон ему теперь нельзя, он же с того Гундяя щкуру снимет :)

    • AlexP | 15 October 2018, 20:53

      После этого всё остальное ужЕ не имеет значения. В этом противостоянии церквей нет "правых" и "неправых". Там все НЕПРАВЫ, только по-разному. А Бог не умеет наказывать грешников,

    • Стефан | 15 October 2018, 20:44

      Вселенский Патриархат не уделяет внимание мирским дрязгам.

    • Ігор Затятий | 15 October 2018, 20:27

      Так "стрєлка" вирішила.

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