A memorial to rabbi Gilel from Parich unveiled in Kherson

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In Kherson, the memorial complex on the grave of rabbi Gilel's from Parich was solemnly unveiled. Attending the opening of the memorial site were representatives of the Jewish community of the city, as well as city authorities, Religion in Ukraine has reported with reference to Djc.com.ua.

Rabbi Gilel of Parich was born in Homets (Belarus) in 1795. His mentor was Rabbi Abraham-Dov from Ovruch - the head of the Rabbi court of Zhytomyr and the author of the book "Bat Ein". Then he was a disciple of rabbi Mordechai from Chernobyl. In the process of learning, he learned about Hassidism and decided to become a follower of this course. In 1818 he collected money for the ransom of captive Jews, and also supplied Jewish soldiers with kosher food. Rabbi Gilel wrote many works on Hasidism. He died in 1864 in Kherson during a trip to Jewish settlements, and was buried in the city center near the Christian burial grounds (due to the lack of a Jewish cemetery at that time).


The delegations of Jewish communities of various regions of Ukraine, the head of the Kherson region Andriy Gordeyev and Mayor of Kherson Volodymyr Mykolayenko, People's Deputy Oleksandr Spivakovsky arrived at the ceremony of the opening of the memorial complex on the grave of rabbi Gilel. Rabbi Yosef Yitzhak Wolf named the names of those who made it possible to open the Memorial. He especially noted entrepreneur Yukhym Kaplan, who two years ago put forward the idea of ​​its creation, and did everything to implement it.


In Soviet times the grave of the Hasidic righteous man was abandoned. In order to identify the grave of rabbi Gilel in 1992 in Kherson, rabbis from Israel's chief labor office arrived, after which the famous entrepreneur, Eduard Gruzberg, allocated funds for the construction of the burial site, and the creation of a terrestrial vault. The text on the marble plate of the Tsadic grave was edited by Lubavych rabbi Menachem-Mendl Schnejerson. It says that an “arawa codesh” rests here: a holy rabbi, a rabbi-righteous, a rabbi-hassid, a rabbi-Gaon (a genius).


Given that the greatness of the figure of Gilel from Parich, buried in Kherson, can be compared with the prominent figures of the Jewish world, the Kherson Jewish community “Khabad”, headed by the chief rabbi of the city of Kherson and the Kherson region, Yosef Yitzhak Wolf, succeeded this year to create the memorial complex of rabbi Gilel, which is an architectural monument with a developed infrastructure that allows religious services to be performed.

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