Ukrainian president greets Jews on Pesach

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On the occasion of Pesach, Petro Poroshenko greeted Ukrainian Jews. The greeting was released by the President’s press-service.

It says: “Please accept my sincere congratulations on the occasion of one of the greatest Jewish holiday - Pesach.

The joy of freedom after long oppression, which this celebration brings, is deeply symbolic and important for every nation.

I am convinced that the spiritual sustainability and sincere belief in a worthy future of the Ukrainian state is a guarantee of its independence and integrity.

I wish you good health, prosperity, life optimism, peace and family atmosphere.

Happy Passover to you! ”


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  • tiart | 17 December 2017, 14:34

    І це коли вже більшість перереєструвалась...

  • romand | 17 December 2017, 05:54

    The publicly stated and symbolic reason for this "dialogue" between the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kyiv Patriarchate) and the Russian Orthodox Church involves a reunified Orthodox Church in

  • Михаил | 17 December 2017, 02:20

    Включите логику, без визга и истерики: Денисенко объявил себя "патриархом" независимой поместной "упц кп". Его "упц кп" ни от кого не зависит, никому не подчиняется, над

  • Василий Петров | 16 December 2017, 16:11

    Итак, vivat Filaret!!!!!

  • Василий Петров | 16 December 2017, 16:08

    Итак , на самом Деле, РПЦ использует Денисенко в качестве провокатора как попа Гапона, действия которого в 1905 привели к дискредитации идеи революции и массовому расстрелу и несостоявшейся революции

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