All-Ukrainian contest of Koran experts announced

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On November 10-11, 2018, the knowledge and skills of the Qur'an readers will be assessed in the Ukrainian capital.

The annual competition is held by the All-Ukrainian Association Alraid and RAMU UMMA. The jury will be Sheikh Rashid Bin Khalaf ad-Dosari and other competent persons, in particular: Aider al-Hajj and Khatibi Imams of Ukrainian mosques, Religion in Ukraine reported, citing Alraid.


Last year, knowledge of the participants of the 11th All-Ukrainian Quran Exerts Contest was evaluated by a jury that included the representative of the World Association for the Study of the Holy Qur'an and Sunni (HQMIO) Sheikh Abdulaziz Az Zahrani, one of the most famous readers of the Koran in the Muslim world; Imam Khatib of the Odessa mosque Assalam, Shafik Kastiro, imam of the mosque of Zaporizhya ICC Muhammad Mamutov, as well as the leader and lecturer of the Quran courses at the Islamic Cultural Center of Kyiv, Sheikh Ayder al-Hajj.

The All-Ukrainian Association Alraid and UMMA are grateful for the support of the Islamic World League, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the World Quran and Sunnah Study Association (HQMIO).

It is noted that more and more girls and women are willing to take part in the competition. The last competition is known not only by the number of participants - they were half the contestants, but also that the first place was won by Samia Eraad. And in 2015, an ethnic Ukrainian woman, the native of Lviv, Vira Frindak became the first hafiza.

The learning the Quran by heart is a social duty of Muslims: if there is no Hafiz in the community, then the sin of non-fulfillment of the Almighty's command lies with all its members.

Terms of the competition remain unchanged:

Citizens of Ukraine, the CIS and foreigners with a residence permit in Ukraine are allowed to participate;

The participants will compete in five nominations: entire Quran (30 juzes), 15 juzes, 10 juzes, 5 juzes and 2 juzes.

The only criterion for the division of participants is the level of their knowledge; age, gender and native language of the contestants do not matter.

Venue and date: Kyiv, Dehtyarivska str., 25a, Islamic Cultural Center, November 10-11, 2018.

Tel. +38 (044) 490-99-00.

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