VII International Youth Summer School of Islamic Studies to be held in Kyiv

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Traditionally, religious scholars, historians, philosophers, religious figures and students who are interested in the phenomenon of Islam in the world and in Ukraine, gathered together to exchange views and share the results of their research and scientific research during the International Summer School of Islamic Studies. This year, the date of the School is determined from July 1 to July 5, and the Islamic Cultural Center of Kyiv has been chosen as the venue, Religion in Ukraine reports citing Alraid.

The organizers of the event are the All-Ukrainian Association “Alraid”, the Ukrainian Center for Islamic Studies and the Center for Islamic Studies at the National University “Ostrozka Academy”. The goal of the next Summer School is to create a platform for the exchange of expert opinions on the development of Islam and Muslims in Ukraine, in Europe and in the Middle East, as well as for analyzing and forecasting the most recent trends in the Muslim world.

The main theme of the VII International Youth Summer School of Islamic Studies - "Islam and Social Development: History and Modernity", the lion's share of reports, roundtables and discussions will focus on the contribution of Muslims to the social development of the Islamic world and other countries. 

The participants will discuss scientific issues related to the history of Islam in Ukraine, in particular Islamophobia, migration from Muslim countries, extremism, and conflicts. Schools and interreligious dialogue will not be overlooked. 

Particular attention will be paid to the role of Muslims and Muslim organizations in social, economic and political development, in particular in connection with the signing by Muslims of Ukraine of such important documents as the "Charter of Muslims of Ukraine" (2016) and "The Social Concept of Muslims of Ukraine" (2016 ), as well as the historical and contemporary development of Islamic social activism in the world.

According to the results of the Summer School, the collection of Al-Kalyam is planned to be published. 

To participate in the School, you must apply before May 10, 2018. Your application should indicate your first name, last name, patronymic; educational institution or place of work; course (year of study); topic of the report with a short annotation (up to 300 words); contact information (e-mail, telephone, postal address).

Due to a limited number of places the organizing committee reserves the right to conduct a competitive selection among those who wish to take part in the work of the School. Participants with lectures on the theme of the Summer School will benefit. 

Working languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian.

The cost of accommodation in Kyiv, meals and travel (one way) is reimbursed by the organizing committee. The applications and articles should be submitted to e-mail:, mentioning in the topic “School of Islamic Studies”. 

Publications from previous summer schools of Islamic studies are available at the link.

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    Р. Р. S. Вот единственное что мне не очень понятно и не нравится, так это - заметный ПОЛОНОФИЛЬСКИЙ крен в рядах и служении РКЦвУ. Тем более, что там, как хорошо известно, среди рядового священства и

  • | 11 December 2018, 19:06

    Р. S. Cказанное здесь мною вовсе не означает, что я, дескать, ратую против существования и служения в современной независимой Украине Церквей римо- и греко-католиков. Никак нет! ----- Более того: я

  • В. Ясеневий | 11 December 2018, 17:25

    Ну а що доброго може рекомендувати і бажати найлютіший ворог УКРАЇНИ???!!!Лучше быть истинными ХРИСТИАНАМИ!!! Но безбожнику михаилу этого не понять...Он же ж верит только КИРИЛЛУ, ПУТИНУ , кремлю и

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    Между прочим, такие вот попытки - принудительно превратить всех православных Украины и Белоруси в "католиков" уже были в прошлои! В т. ч. и путём заключения, в частности, Берестейской унии

  • Михаил | 11 December 2018, 14:53

    Зачем связываться с неадекватным Варфоломеем, проводить сомнительный "собор", опять иметь проблемы с признанием в Мировом Православии? Лучше переходить в УГКЦ, а ещё лучше становиться

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