• 11 October 2016, 12:16 | International relations | 

    The Dalai Lama urged Ukraine and Russia to think about mutual benefit

    Spiritual leader the Dalai Lama urged Ukraine and Russia to think about mutual benefit, for the common good to solve problems peacefully in a relationship. He stated this on the teachings of the Buddhists of the Baltic States in Riga, RIA Novosti reported.

  • 10 August 2016, 11:22 | Buddhism | 

    In Carpathians, a monk from Donetsk constructs a Buddhist temple

    The temple is located near Kryvopillya pass between Vorokhta and Verkhovyna and will be called the Place of WAY, Depo.Zakarpattya writes, citing Mukachevo.net.

  • 30 March 2015, 09:53 | Religious relations | view photo | 

    Christians, Muslims and Buddhists pray for peace in Ukraine

    The event started with a minute of silence for the deceased in the ATO. Thereafter representatives of various religious organizations read prayers and made speeches on peace, power of love, respect and unity of Ukraine.

  • 8 September 2014, 10:47 | International relations | 

    Dalai-lama: Putin seems to want to "rebuild the Berlin Wall"

    Tibet's exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama criticized Russia's President Vladimir Putin as "self-centred" in a German newspaper interview on Sunday, saying Putin seems to want to "rebuild the Berlin Wall".

  • 18 June 2014, 14:38 | Buddhism | 

    Dalai Lama prays for Ukraine and plans to come

    This is the promise that the Buddhist spiritual leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner gave to Alexander Feldman, a MP of Ukraine and the founder of the Institute of human rights and prevention of extremism and xenophobia, during their meeting in Livorno (Italy). The head of Buddhists all over the world went there to meet his European followers.

  • 15 November 2011, 12:21 | Sacral art | 

    Days of Buddhist Culture

    Most of November will be devoted to discovering Buddha’s ancient cultural heritage.