Filaret gives interview to TV Channel Rossija-24

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Patriarch Emeritus Filaret gave an interview to Russian propagandist TV Channel Rossija-24. A special report by journalist Anna Afanasieva entitled "Nothing sacred" was posted on July 6 on YouTube. It was reported by LB.UA.

"Propagandist Anna Afanasyeva not only quietly works in the center of Kyiv, but also interviews Filaret. While Filaret tells her why the Tomos that we received is all wrong. I do not know what can be added here, dear patriots," Ukrainian journalist Milan Lelich, who was the first to pay attention to the interview, writes on Facebook.

In a conversation with the Russian journalist, Patrairch Filaret shares his criticisms of the Tomos received by Ukraine. He disagrees with the name of the new Church, as well as with the content of the Tomos.

"Had it been suggested that I stay away from Church administration, I would never have agreed to such terms," said Filaret.

When asked by the journalist: "If I get it right, were you actually deceived?" Patriarch Emeritus answered in the affirmative: "I was deceived both by the President and Metropolitan Epifaniy."

As it was reported, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate, led by Filaret, was restored in Kyiv, on June 20, 2019, in Kyiv. Together with him, two bishops from Russia - Archbishop Ioasaf (Shibayev) of Belgorod and Oboyany and Bishop Petro (Moskalev) of Valuiky - seceded from the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. On the same day, two future bishops of the UOC-KP were elected: Archimandrite Andriy (Marutsak) and hieromonk Ilya (Zelensky).

On June 24, the Synod of the OCU dismissed Filaret from the administration of the Diocese of Kyiv. But in recognition of his past services he retained his place in the episcopate. Filaret refused to recognize the decision of the "so-called OCU".

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    • | 22 October 2019, 18:29

      Р. S. От у Вікіпедії знайшов, зокрема, таку інфу. Тобто, що у с. Сартана (недалеко Маріуполя) була збудована нова ГРЕЦЬКА церква Святого Георгія (2005 р.) – за активної участі Маріупольської

    • | 22 October 2019, 17:51

      А, може, в Маріуполі є? Як відомо, це місто було засновано і заселено, переважно, етнічними греками, яких царський уряд виселив з Криму...

    • ukrlem | 22 October 2019, 16:15

      Назовіть хоча одну грецькомовну громаду на сході України будь ласка. Хоч одну!

    • ukrlem | 22 October 2019, 16:11

      Ой так, так 12 листопада!!! Які ви професйонали.

    • Ігор Затятий | 22 October 2019, 14:07

      Розхотілося нелюбителеві дорогих годинників

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