Parishioners authorize Metropolitan Oleksandr to publicly stand for autocephaly of the UOC

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Metropolitan Oleksandr (Drabynko) of Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky and Vyshneve has garnered support of the laity to publicly stand for autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church.

Fr Andriy Dudchenko wrote about it on his Facebook page.

"After the worship service, Bishop Oleksandr Drabinko appealed to all the faithful people of God who gathered in our cathedral to celebrate Pentecost – the birth of the Church of Christ – with the question of maintaining his position on the healing of the wound of split and the unification of Ukrainian Orthodoxy into a single Local Church , recognized in the Orthodox world,” said Fr. Andriy.

“Metropolitan Oleksandr asked parishioners whether they authorize him to be the voice of his flock and publicly talk about the unification and autocephaly of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine. The parishioners supported their shepherd with one heart and mouth,” the priest noted.

As RISU has reported, on May 25, the Holy Synod of the UOC (MP) released a warning to Metropolitan Oleksandr of Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky and Vishneve that he might be imposed a disciplinary canonical penalty if he does not refrain from public speeches.

The Synod members called on Metropolitan Oleksandr “not to compromise the high bishop's dignity by his abusive behavior and life, and in the future refrain from any public speeches and statements provoking indignation among the bishops, clergy and laity of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and bringing in temptation into the hearts of believers.”

Earlier, Metropolitan Oleksandr (Drabinko) in his article, published by “Livyy Bereh”, claimed support for autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church.

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  • Mauricio | 3 June 2018, 00:26
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    I´m glad to hear not all UOC MP are just simply moscow´s lambs and parrots. I salute Metropolitan Oleksandr because he realizes there is no other option in Ukraine that to have a united Ukrainian Church for Ukrainian people. Besides that, it will correct the historical abomination of moscow stealing Kiev;s church and Patriarchate. Let;s not forget that the moscovites are just descendant of people that wherever they go they just steal, burn, destroy and burn. They are so frustrated that they even steal and piggyback on Kiev´s history so to try to build a history of their own. Poor souls ... God have mercy on them.

  • knopka2018 | 29 May 2018, 12:28
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    Якщо парафіяни так єдиним серцем і устами підтримують свого митрополита Олександра Драбинка по створенню в Україні Помісної церкви, то це дійсно пастир для своїх овець, якого Бог благословляє за його непохитну віру і відданість своїй пастві, тому, Ваше Високопреосвященство, Ви здолаете всі перешкоди!

  • mischa | 28 May 2018, 11:16
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    Митрополит Драбинко один з кандидатів,який може очолити Українську помісну автокифальну православну церкву. Нехай допоможе йому Бог.

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  • | 25 September 2018, 14:31

    Р. S. Перепрошую: дещо НЕ ТУДИ помістив цей свій комент.

  • | 25 September 2018, 14:28

    В 1961 г., в момент её закрытия коммуно-совдеповской властью, наместником Киево-Печерской лавры был епископ Нестор (в миру - Никита Арсентьевич Тугай (1900-1969)). И в тот период будущего митрополита

  • Стефан | 24 September 2018, 21:26

    Мир и порядок в Украине это Поместная Православная Украинская Церковь, освобождение территорий страны от оккупантов, диверсантов и сепаратистов, единство народа в труде, учёбе и отдыхе.

  • Михаил | 24 September 2018, 18:59

    С таким самомнением и претензионностью на мировую власть он скоро начнёт предоставлять "автокефалии" на свой вкус и каприз Католической, Англиканской и церквям подряд. Можно только

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