Metropolitan Epifaniy discusses religious and political situation in Ukraine with US Ambassador

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Metropolitan Epifaniy of Kyiv and All Ukraine met Marie L. Yovanovitch, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States to Ukraine, on March 29, 2019. The meeting was held at the Embassy of the United States.

According to the official site of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, during the meeting current affairs were discussed. In particular, the parties considered the religious, socio-political situation in our country, the importance of the independent Church in the life of a society, and also discussed the positive steps that the Orthodox Church of Ukraine already made throughout several months after the Unification Council.


Metropolitan Epifaniy answered the Ambassador's question about the internal life of the Church, its social and educational ministry.

In addition, Metropolitan Epipfaniy and Marie L. Yovanovitch noted the importance of holding democratic presidential elections for Ukraine's future.

The head of the Church expressed his gratitude to the US Ambassador for the consistent support of Ukraine by the United States of America, “We thank you for the efforts that are being made to protect freedom of religion worldwide and in Ukraine in particular. He is also particularly grateful for the support that the United States, as an ally and friend, continues to provide Ukraine with at this important time for us and the whole world,” the Metropolitan said. In conclusion, the Metropolitan presented Marie L. Yovanovitch with memorable gifts.

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    • enzian | 24 May 2020, 08:32

      Цілком справедливо.

    • Mamutoglu | 23 May 2020, 23:01

      Кримські мусульмани не вітаються "Ід Мубарак", ми ж не араби! Ми вітаємося "Ораза Байрам хайирли болсин'!" Фітр-садак'аси дається не у день свята, а напередодні. У день свята

    • Mamutoglu | 23 May 2020, 22:56

      на мою думку, назву ісламського свята потрібно давати у версію корінного мусульманського народу України, тобто "Ораза Байрам", а не так, як це прийнято у державі-агресорі. З яких це пір,

    • Стефан | 20 May 2020, 15:02

      Храм и Мечеть столпы веры и надёжная опора борьбы и победы в справедливой войне с агрессорами и оккупантами за территориальную целостность Украины.

    • Михаил | 19 May 2020, 11:37

      Очень правильное и дальновидное решение. Необходимо так же придать госстатус главным иудейским праздникам - Песах и др. Пусть все знают, что Украина реально свободная и демократическая Европейская

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