Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev: “What you call 'alternative Orthodoxy' we call a schism

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The head of the Department of External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Ilarion (Alfeiev) of Volokolamsk, in an interview to the Russian magazine Portal-Credo commented on the situation connected with the future inter-Orthodox Council to be held with the participation of all the autocephalous Orthodox Churches of the world.

In answer to the question whether “such churches as the Kyivan Patriarchate, Greek Old Style, True Orthodox Church” will be invited to the All-Orthodox (Ecumenical) Council, the metropolitan said: “What you call 'alternative Orthodoxy' we call a schism. There were no precedents of invitations of representatives of schismatic organizations to inter-Orthodox meetings so far and I think there will be no such things in the future.”

According to the bishop, schismatics are imposters, that is people who assume a dignity which is not theirs according to the canonical order of the church. “Just imagine that a group of people appears today one of whom proclaims himself President of Ukraine, another one the Premier and call their structure the government of government in exile. Would they be invited to international meetings? I think no. Exactly the same is with representatives of schismatic structures and so-called alternative churches,” said the hierarch.

According to the portal Religion in Ukraine, the vivid example by which the bishop wanted to illustrate imposture is applicable to the activity of Protopriest Dymytrii Sydor (Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate) of the Transcarpathian city of Uzhhorod who is the leader of the Sub-Carpathian Seim of Rusyns and who formed his own government headed by “Premier” Petro Hetsko. Neither Fr. Sydor nor Petro Hetsko consider themselves imposters and represent their organization at international conferences. For example, in autumn, 2010, Protopriest Dymytrii Sydor received from Patriarch Kirill of Moscow a blessing and participated in the European Russian Forum where he made a report on “facts of discrimination, ethnocide with clear manifestations of genocide of the Rusyn nation in Ukraine.”

In the interview to Portal-Credo, Metropolitan Ilarion also stated that during his meetings with the heads of the Eastern Patriarchates, the situation in Ukraine “was not discussed in detail even though it was touched upon at some meetings.”

The metropolitan is certain that the way of overcoming the schism is through repentance and return to the Church communion. At the same time the hierarch does not exclude the possibility that the problems of the schism “may be discussed also at the inter-Orthodox level.”


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  • P.A. Koroluk | 14 September 2011, 19:32
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    Although His Beatitude writes that there are "no precedents of invitations of representatives of schismatic organizations to inter-Orthodox meetings", in fact, historically the Church has normally invited all parties in disputes to such meetings, so that the assembly could hear all sides and better discern the truth. This precedent was set at the First Ecumenical Council in Nicea, which invited Arius, who had been condemned as a heretic by the Synod of Antioch, to defend himself and his beliefs. Arius was not only invited, but he was summoned before the assembly almost daily, and historians write that his arguments heard attentively and considered at length. If the Moscow Patriarchate is confident in the rightness of its condemnation of the 14 million Faithful of the Kyiv Patriarchate, than what better way to convince Christendom than to allow an Orthodox assembly to hear all arguments?

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  • humenyuk.vasyl | 25 March 2019, 16:27

    Село Василівка Снігурівського р-ну находиться на сході області, а Ви показали на заході області, рядом з одещиною. Виправте помилку.

  • Zenia | 24 March 2019, 12:14

    Сколько тебе заплатили ФСБ за это кукареканье по всему сайту, русский петух?)) Марш на свою парашу и сиди там тихо, быдло!

  • firemark | 23 March 2019, 22:44

    михаил, ты за упц (обновленцев) или за воинствующих безбожников (1920...30гг)?

  • Михаил | 23 March 2019, 13:22

    Верх лицемерия! Сидеть и глумиться в президиуме "собора" древней Софии, давить даже на самого Денисенко, чтобы состряпать какую-то никем не признанную псевдоцерковь "пцу",

  • В. Ясеневий | 22 March 2019, 12:39

    Браво, шановний КИЄВЛЯНИНЕ!!! Та ВАШУ, воістинно, мудру думку мали б, найперше, озвучити Глави та Ієрархи УГКЦ і УПЦ... Дуже шкода що вони до цього ще не додумалися. А чому? Може ще не доросли,

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