Protestants set to build educational center in Slovyansk on the model of UCU

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The parishioners of the Good News Church in Slovyansk are set to build an educational center based on the model of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv. A pastor of the church, Peter Dudnik said this according to Depo.Donbass citing Cvoi.City.


He noted that the construction of the university, that relies on Christian values ​​and high educational standards of the European level, is an important step in the transformation of Donbas.

According to Dudnik, in March 2018, he appealed to Slovyansk City Council with a request to allocate a land plot near the building of the Christian center “Good News”. The pastor gave deputies a draft plan for a future educational institution, which includes several buildings, concomitant infrastructure and facilities for the adjoining territory.

Petro Dudnyk noted that a lot of remarks to the draft were made by the councilors. In particular, most of them were interested in whether the educational center would have the status of a religious organization, since it determies the mechanism of land plot allocation. As a result, the Protestants were refused a land plot for construction, explaining that the project requires additional edits and explanations.


“The main obstacle to the realization of my dreams is the city government: for three decades, the land was a landless owner, where there was growing weed, and when I proposed to build an educational institution there, the territory suddenly needed somebody, as if there was a park in this empty area. At least, they said it in the spring, but time is passing, and no attempts have been made to do something on the territory,” added Dudnyk.


He suggested to provide the other plot instead of this one, but “received from the mayor some incoherent answer.” “As long as the issue is being solved in the legal plane, we are dealing with registration of an educational institution, we are submitting the licensing documents. When it is ready, we will be looking closely for a land plot for construction or premises to rent,” said Petro Dudnyk.

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  • | 12 November 2018, 10:23
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    Ніяк не виключено, що за всіма цими ВІДМОВАМИ та ЗАУВАЖЕННЯМИ, скоріш за все, стирчать "вуха" нікого й нічого іншого, як тамтешніх чинників - якраз і саме - УПЦ МП. І в яких - в структурах місцевої влади - безсумнівно, є надійні "свої люди"...

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    Я балдею от мозгов прихильникiв Денисенко. Он разрушает "пцу", посылает подальше Варфоломея, не признает "томос", а все ругают не его, а меня. Вы совсем мозги потеряли? Это Он все

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    Бачте, пане Михайле, такі поняття як повага до віку, до прожитого життєвого шляху і зробленого кожним із нас ДЛЯ БЛАГА ГРОМАДИ ЧИ БЛИЖНЬОГО для вас ЧУЖІ, НЕЗНАЙОМІ І НЕ ЗРОЗУМІЛІ !!! "Хто з Вас

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    Та заспокоїшся ти колись, гнидо, чи ні?

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    Та заспокоїшся ти колись, гнидо, чи ні?

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