Ukrainian Catholic University develops "Strategy - 2025"

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UCU started developing a new strategy of the University titled “UCU Strategy – 2025”. To this end, on September 14, within the framework of the Days of UCU, a strategic session will take place, presenting the current report on the UCU Strategy for 2020 and the project of a new vision of the university.


A joint strategic analysis and generation of new strategic goals in the working groups composed of representatives of different areas of work of UCU will also take place. The UCU strategic planning process will continue until March 2019.


The main purpose of the strategic process is to involve the university community in discussing and measuring the future of the UCU. Then, on September 14, UCU will hold its first open-meeting discussion of the new strategy goals. Students, teachers, employees, senators and donors are invited to participate in the strategic session.


“Our university is the fruit of work of different generations, different professional communities, Church and secular environments, students, teachers, workers, donors. UCU will only benefit if it carefully recognizes “signs of the time” and will listen to what the community that creates and supports our university is ready for. And since our first strategic session takes place as part of the Days of UCU in Lviv, more and more donors and senators of UCU will be able to contribute to it. They will have a great opportunity to get to know our students and teachers,” said UCU's first vice rector Taras Dobko.


One of the important elements of the strategic session is the development of proposals in working groups. It is important that these groups are mixed. That is, a donor, a student, a teacher, a senator, a financier can meet at one table.


“Communication, discussion in groups will take place between people with very different prospects, life experiences and experience of staying or working with UCU. I assume that it will be difficult to negotiate with them! But it is possible! To move forward the university needs fresh ideas, insights, discoveries. I hope that this mix of age, experience, prospects, expectations and commitments will not only enrich the participants themselves but will also give rise to proposals that will deserve the status of “strategic goals of UCU,” says Taras Dobko.


When developing a new strategy, the maximum number of important factors that contribute or hinder the development of the university will be taken into account. These aspects were discussed at the meetings of the UCU Horizon Task Force to analyze and assess the complex environment in which UCU will live.

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    • ukrlem | 17 January 2019, 18:27

      що за ідіот. А як Епіфаній молится за Кирилла то що тепер робить?

    • Михаил | 17 January 2019, 11:23

      Пора объявлять импичмент за грубейшее нарушение 35й статьи Конституции. Кстати, Денисенко должен напрячься - а вдруг Порошенко тоже захочет стать вторым "почетным патриархом". По четным

    • Михаил | 17 January 2019, 00:01

      Денисенко, по четным "патриарх", а по нечетным просто аферист, не может понять, что такое искренняя Вера в Бога. Для его ума это непостижимо, т.к. он во всем ищет выгоду и думает, что все

    • bopa | 16 January 2019, 21:01

      А на справді - ФЕЙК? Щось на РІСУ не подібне. Чи це було колись не подібне? Жаль!

    • bopa | 16 January 2019, 20:56

      Служба Авакова відпочиває? А районному керівництву байдуже? Тому без методики з переліком контактних телефонів не обійтися, бо провокації будуть! І не до виборів буде.

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