Community of Sant’Egidio invites to pray for peace in Holy Week

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The prayer for peace in the Holy Week will be held on April 12, Wednesday, 19.30 in St. Alexander Cathedral. Fr Andriy Vakhrushev, vice-rector of the seminary of the Community of Sant’Egidio will lead the prayer.

The reading will be commented by professor Adriano Roccucci, General Secretary of the Community of Sant’Egidio.

“We, Christians of different communities, ask the Lord near the cross for peace, peace for our country and all countries where the war is ongoing: for peace for the Christians of Syria, Egypt, Nigeria, martyrs of our times, continuing to suffer for the faith. We will pray for the victims of terrorist acts in Europe. We believe that even if the stone of war seems too heavy, the Lord will send through our prayers his angels to dump it,” the prayer organizers believe.

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  • pavloosh | 16 December 2017, 14:56

    Naive Filaret!

  • erinms | 14 December 2017, 19:36

    This development just proves that the ROC wants to dominate churches in Ukraine. It once again proves that the ROC is under the control of The Russian government which is waging war in eastern

  • В. Ясеневий | 14 December 2017, 15:51

    Дорогой Михаил.Как Вы думаете?Ну неужели, пускай и 20 миллионов украинцев, не могуть иметь Поместную Автокефальную Церковь???Вы ж назвали такие маленькие:Стамбульскую, Александрийскую и т.д..Там по

  • Михаил | 14 December 2017, 00:39

    "....Цель диалога - признание т.н. упц кп...". Зачем обращаться за признанием к плохой и враждебной РПЦ? Обратитесь к Константинопольской, Александрийской, Антиохийской, Иерусалимской,

  • bopa | 13 December 2017, 19:37

    Формується думка відомою ФСБ-ешною структурою "Института стран

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