On Sunday of Veneration of the Cross the Way of the Cross to be held in Lviv streets

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On the Cross Sunday, April 3, 2016, the Way of Cross will be held on the streets of Lviv. Traditionally, it is organized by Lviv Archdiocese of UGCC. The Way of the Cross will begin at 15.00 from the church of St. Michael the Archangel (Lviv, Vinnychenko street, 22) and end in the square in front of St. George Cathedral.


This Way of Cross is based on the biography of Blessed Martyr Bishop Vasyl Velychkovskyy, a long-term prisoner of the Soviet GULAG.


“This year's Way of the Cross will mark our compassion with all those who are illegally imprisoned in Ukraine or abroad, who suffer from false accusations and suffer for the truth. It will be a gesture of solidarity with our soldiers and volunteers, those well-known and not known, who are in captivity, solidarity with the families of those who suffer because their relatives or friends are in prison,” said Fr Pavlo Drozdyak, spokesman for Lviv Archdiocese. The procession will carry the relics and icon of the blessed martyr Vasyl Velychkovskyy. One may purchase a booklet with texts of Stations of the Cross in Lviv churches.

Each year the procession cross is held by a certain person. This year the cross will be carried by:

- Taras Yatsenko, chief editor of “Your Town” (Tvoye Misto)

- A family of the deceased in the area ATO

- Military chaplains, including Fr.Stepan Sus

- Poet, dissident, political prisoner Igor Kalynets

- Representatives of the community "Oselya"

- Yuri Yatsenko, modern political prisoner from Lviv

- Volunteer, involved in adaptation of immigrants.


The procession will end in the square at the monument of the Holy Righteous Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky.

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    • humenyuk.vasyl | 25 March 2019, 16:27

      Село Василівка Снігурівського р-ну находиться на сході області, а Ви показали на заході області, рядом з одещиною. Виправте помилку.

    • Михаил | 25 March 2019, 12:05

      Даже пингвины поймут его незаконность и фальш и будут долго над ним смеяться. Хотя, с другой стороны, может быть, это хитро задуманная спецоперация Денисенко и Думенко - не признала "пцу"

    • bitov | 25 March 2019, 11:56

      Друже! Що ж ти так? Слово Боже проповідується всім і всюди. Святий Франциск смиренно шукав Божу істину, проповідував птахам. Ну і Патріарх Московський вже був замічений в компанії цих милих і

    • enzian | 25 March 2019, 11:34

      Якщо ти пінгвін, то знай, що в Антарктиді практично постійно присутні люди - зокрема, українські дослідники. І є храм ПЦУ.

    • bitov | 25 March 2019, 09:40


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