Euro Stadium Arena Lviv Consecrated

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Ареан_Львів.jpegThe new stadium built in Lviv for Euro 2012 was consecrated on November 13. Representatives of the clergy of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyivan Patriarchate, Roman Catholic Church, Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, Armenian Apostolic Church and Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate participated in the consecration of Arena Lviv. The mayor of Lviv, Andrii Sadovyi, also attended the closed ceremony.

During the event, Auxiliary Bishop of the Lviv Archeparchy of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Bishop Venedykt (Aleksiichuk) said: “We would like God to be glorified at this stadium. The Lord who created the universe and who gives life to every person has created this wonder through people. But the Lord has created the place not only for people to compete in sports and win victories but also for the people who come to the stadium to admire the magnitude and beauty of it and, thereby, the magnitude and beauty of the Lord. Therefore, I would like the beauty, magnitude and power of the stadium to urge us to think. Let everyone visiting the stadium receive the Lord’s blessings. And I would like the stadium to be not only an arena of sports competition but also a platform for various social, church events. To be a place of meeting of people, place of meeting of Lvivers. Let the Lord bless this stadium.”

Mayor of Lviv Andrii Sadovyi thanked the clergymen: “The Lviv residents worried a lot during all the stages of the construction, but the Grace of God has always been with us. And today, the fathers from all the denominations consecrated our beautiful Lviv Arena. I am convinced that this arena, which is one of the best in Europe, will allow our football players only to win.”

The stadium can house 34,915 persons. The construction began in 2008. The first football match will be held here on November 15.

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      А щодо того, що за часів радянської влади дехто із сексзбоченців-геїв перебував у місцях позбавлення волі, то це було - згідно тоді чинного законодавства. Як, власне, й різні інші - КРИМІНАЛЬНІ

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      А надалі ця Ваша комент-"кримінальна хроніка" на РІСУ буде якось продовжена? :)

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      "Невже не знаєте, що [НЕРОЗКАЯНІ] неправедники Царства Божого не успадкують? Не обманюйте себе: ні БЛУДНИКИ, ні ідолослужителі, ні ПЕРЕЛЮБНИКИ, ні МАЛАКІЇ, ні МУЖОЛОЖЦІ, ні злодії, ні лихварі,

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      Під час 2-ї світової війни деякі збоченці-геї дійсно потрапляли в концтабори ІІІ райху. Тобто згідно чинного тоді - як і ДО та ще десятки років ПІСЛЯ поразки і падіння нацистського режиму -

    • fedirtsiv | 13 December 2019, 21:55

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