Oldest Easter eggs dating back to Kyivan Rus exhibited in Lviv

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On April 2, two ancient Easter eggs of the Kyivan period, approximately XI-XIII centuries, which are kept in the funds of the archaeological museum of the Ivan Franko Lviv University, were presented in Lviv.


According to Radio Svoboda, they were found in the postwar years, in the late 40's of the twentieth century, in Lviv region, in the territory of ancient Plisnensk – a Slavonic settlement of the IX-X centuries. Today, archaeologists once again exhibited them on the eve of the Easter holidays.

“There is another Easter egg of this period, the third, but it is stored in the Krakow Museum. In Halychyna, besides Plisnensk, such Easter eggs are known in Zvenihorod, Lviv region. This is a typical Kyivan Easter egg (pysanka). They are, in fact, of the same type, not only in ornament, but also in color – brown-green color. It was a heavy technological work: a pivot was planted in the hole, and the artisan drew an ornament from the line of inclination. The eggs are covered with ceramic, that is, they were originally made of clay, then covered with ceramic glaze,” archaeologist Vitaly Lyaska told the Radio Liberty.

Ancient Easter eggs clatter – inside there is a clay ball. Some scholars say that it was also a toy for children. According to experts, such pysankas are unique. Such pysankas are found not only in the Kyiv region, but also in Galicia.


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    • enzian | 24 May 2020, 08:32

      Цілком справедливо.

    • Mamutoglu | 23 May 2020, 23:01

      Кримські мусульмани не вітаються "Ід Мубарак", ми ж не араби! Ми вітаємося "Ораза Байрам хайирли болсин'!" Фітр-садак'аси дається не у день свята, а напередодні. У день свята

    • Mamutoglu | 23 May 2020, 22:56

      на мою думку, назву ісламського свята потрібно давати у версію корінного мусульманського народу України, тобто "Ораза Байрам", а не так, як це прийнято у державі-агресорі. З яких це пір,

    • Стефан | 20 May 2020, 15:02

      Храм и Мечеть столпы веры и надёжная опора борьбы и победы в справедливой войне с агрессорами и оккупантами за территориальную целостность Украины.

    • Михаил | 19 May 2020, 11:37

      Очень правильное и дальновидное решение. Необходимо так же придать госстатус главным иудейским праздникам - Песах и др. Пусть все знают, что Украина реально свободная и демократическая Европейская

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