St.Sophia not to host EUROVISION, says Nelia Kukovalska

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XE3Y27_(1).jpgCommenting the news by UA:FirstTV that the opening ceremony of Eurovision-2017 is planned to be held in St Sophia National Reserve, Director General of St Sophia National Reserve Nelia Kukovalskaya noted she would come out for the reserve’s requirements, and therefore “no music, dancing, high-profile performances will be hosted here.”

It was reported by Ridna Krayina.

“We were visited bycontest organizing committee representatives,they came to the reserve and made a tour of it. I have made myself clear– there will be no music, dance, high-sounding shows! I think it was referred to a closed VIP-reception for a small number of people - that's all the reserve can host. The cathedral cannot be used to this end. Only the reserve area was in question, and the event would not last long – an hour or a half. But no document regulating the scenario was shown. I think the organizers have not produced it for themselves. However, do not think there will be anything spontaneous that goes beyond the requirements of the reserve. Currently there are no documents –and there is nothing to talk about. This Friday I will meet with Diana Popova (Director of the Department of Culture of the KSCA. - Ed.), and try to clarify this issue. If anything that may harm monuments or the territory is scheduled, I will be the first to stand for St Sophia,” Ms. Kukovalska said.

Recently, there was a working meeting of representatives of the European Broadcasting Union, the organizing broadcaster National Television Company of Ukraine, Kyiv City State Administration and Stockholm (the place that hosted the contest last year), which discussed the official opening of Eurovisionin Kyiv in spring 2017.

The website of UA:First summarized that the opening ceremony was planned to be held in St SophiaNational Reserve. The website quoted Deputy Chairman of Kyiv City State Administration Oleksiy Reznikov: “St Sophia is not operating as a temple, but as a museum. So we do not violate any religious feelings of believers.” Reznikov said that the screenswould be mounted at St Sophia to broadcast the ceremony.

The website of UA:First explains that the ceremony is an event that usually takes place six days before the final of the Eurovision, where organizers and top officials of cities hosting the competitionwelcome all participants. Then the delegationsgo to the official opening party of Euroclub (luckily, herethey plan to do without UNESCO monuments, they want to locatethis venue on the territory of congress and exhibition center "Parkovy").

 The opening ceremony will be preceded by a media event titled "Red carpet", which will bring together delegations from all member countries of the song contest, media and fans. Its is planned to be held at St Sofia square.

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      Та ні "Нінєль-міхуєль" я був неароджений простою УКРАЇНСЬКОЮ СЕЛЯНКОЮ, в простій українській хаті, з діда-прадіда правовослвній родині(на відміну від тебе). Електика в мене в хаті є. А

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      Мішка, пий зеленку і закусюй бинтом. Добре допомагає від москвославія головного мозку.

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