Book Fair Forum Marketsquare Europe – 2011 to Be Held in Ukraine

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The European Forum of Christian Book Publishers and Distributors Marketsquare Europe – 2011 will be held in Ukraine this year. The forum is organized by the Christian Trade Organization International and Association of Christian Publishers of Ukraine. The forum will include seminars for Christian publishers and a competition European Christian Book–2011.

Marketsquare Europe is annually held in different countries of Europe as part of the International Book Fair in Frankfurt. Last year, it was held in Romania. In 2011, the Association of Christian Publishers of Ukraine invited the European and American colleagues to come to the town of Irpin in the Kyiv Oblast on October 5-8.

The participants of Marketsquare Europe are being registered. Publishers from Russia, Poland, Austria, USA have already been registered.

The seminars will be conducted by heads of publishing houses and trading houses from USA and Europe:  Rick Iles of the Company LINKS, Catherine Whitehead of Riggins, Jim Elwell of the Tyndale Publishers, Piotr Waclawik of the Vocatio Publishers, Bob Clark of the Company Excel Communications, Kim Pettit of the Christian Trade Association International and others.

Executive Director of the Association of Christian Publishers of Ukraine, Olena Tsertii commented on the preparation for the event: “Through this forum and thematic seminars we would like to be as useful as possible to our colleagues in Ukraine and, therefore, the Ukrainian Association of Christian Publishers has undertaken to organize the Marketsquare–2011. It is very important for the publishers to communicate with people who have big experience and who have achieved good results in publishing and distribution of the Christian books around the world. And we are very glad that such specialists are open to cooperation with us.”

For detailed information about the European Forum of Christian Book Publishers and Distributors Marketsquare Europe – 2011 please visit

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      Р. S. До речі. Подібні й інші такі - дійсно дикунські факти насильств тощо мають місце ніяк не в т. зв. "традиційних релігійно зазомбованих сім'ях", тобто воістину ХРИСТИЯНСЬКИХ родинах.

    • | 11 December 2019, 10:06

      Ну-ну... А, загалом, дякую за таку пильну увагу та оперативну реакцію щодо моїх коментів. :)

    • fedirtsiv | 11 December 2019, 08:54

      "На Прикарпатті батько упродовж чотирьох років ґвалтував рідну доньку. Дівчина розповідала про це своїм рідним, у тому числі і матері, однак їй ніхто не вірив. Від безвиході дівчина повісилася

    • fedirtsiv | 10 December 2019, 19:43

      А скільки земельки вже духовенство загребло під свої потреби за часи незалежності хто порахує? Саме духовенство в усі часи і у всіх державах прагнуло бути і було латифундистами, а люди століттями

    • Стефан | 10 December 2019, 13:24

      Интересы православных христиан Украины представляет Православная Церковь Украины (ПЦУ).

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