Head of the Ukrainian Catholics blessed Bibles for children, written in Braille

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May 21, 2018, His Beatitude Sviatoslav, in co-operation with Bishop Josyph (Milian), at the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ of the UGCC in Kyiv, performed the blessing of Bibles for children, which are written in Braille.

His Beatitude Sviatoslav noted in his commentary to the press service of Kyiv Archeparchy that an important spiritual event took place today in the Patriarchal Cathedral. He said that this year the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations announced the Year of God's Word. In this way, according to the Head of the UGCC, the Church is trying to celebrate the 1030th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus’-Ukraine.

"In the context of this Year of God's Word, we wanted to take care of those for whom, perhaps, the Word of God is the least accessible. We have consecrated Scripture books for children, written in Braille. In this way, we want to make the Word of God accessible to all. We hope that with these editions, our children will be able to partake of the eternal truth," said the Head of the UGCC.

His Beatitude Svyatoslav also added that this edition of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is devoted to a blessed memory His Beatitude Lubomyr: "We will soon commemorate the first anniversary of his departure to eternity. Himself, being blind, requested the Synod of our Bishops to take care of publishing prayer books and Scripture precisely for those who are deprived of the opportunity to see and read these books in the usual way. In this way, we try to fulfil the will of our Beatitude Lubomyr: let's put the books of the Holy Scripture in the hands of our children," concluded the Father and Head of the UGCC.

Reference: This Bible has been worked on for more than a year. They started work on it upon the blessing of Bishop Josyph (Milian), Auxhiliary Bishop of Kyiv Archeparchy. The idea was realized thanks to the help of the "Die sternsinger kindermissionswerk" charitable organization. In this way the UGCC tries to make the Word of God accessible to every person: "It is important for children to be united in reading the Scriptures, regardless of any physical circumstances of their lives. This Bible will contribute to the evangelizing, missionary, and unifying process, for we are all equally loved by God. Therefore, every person is worthy to know God in Scripture and in his life," the organizers say.

The Bible is written in such a way that а child will first need to get acquainted with the text itself – in the usual and Braille fonts, and then he/she will be able to read the drawings, which are also applied to the material in the same font.

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    • В. Ясеневий | 21 September 2018, 21:21

      Напминаю чесному каммунисту михаилу слова свящ.Д.СМИРНОВА: ДО 2050 - го года в рассеи уже не будет православных рассеян. а МУЛЬМАНЕ...Изучайте коран...

    • S.Melnyk | 20 September 2018, 10:17

      Ага, і це після того сталося, як царські війська зруйнували з населення Батурин.

    • velovs@ukr.net | 20 September 2018, 09:45

      Кроме того, здесь, судя по всему, немаловажную роль играют и бизнесово-экономические связи и общие интересы - по крайней мере, весьма значительной части - "нашего" олигархата с той же

    • velovs@ukr.net | 20 September 2018, 08:19

      Когда церковная (или любая иная общественная) структура является, по своей сути и содержанию, "5-й колонной" внешнего врага-агрессора, то это, естественно, вызывает к ней соответствующее

    • Николай Григорьев_ | 19 September 2018, 21:09

      Лиха беда начало. Сегодня обяжут сменить название, завтра придумают что то новое патриотическое, а там и вовсе пойдут запреты, даешь кузькину мать, чтоб побольше насолить, неважно кому, хоть себе

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