Muslims of Ukraine strongly condemn the attacks on the Church in France and the murder of a priest

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Mufti Said Ismagilov provided feedback regarding the attack on the Catholic church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, when during the Mass two criminals killed an 86-year-old priest Jacques Hamel.

“We would like so much that this and other crimes were not associated with Islam, because such actions completely contradict the precepts of Islam. Terrorists struck another floor and broke another fundamental principle of Islam, which prohibits attacks on places of worship and killing priests, monks and people who are in churches.  

This crime has been condemned by Muslim organizations of France and Europe. We, in turn, condemn the sin and crime on behalf of the Muslims of Ukraine,” he wrote on his page on Facebook.

According to Mufti, the prohibition to inflict damage to the religious buildings, the faithful praying there, monks and priests comes from the Prophet Muhammad, who respected Christians.

Even during the war the prophet Muhammad, sending the army in a military campaign gave the following instruction: “Based on a military campaign do not cheat and do not be traitors! Do not mutilate, and do not torture! Do not kill children, the elderly, women, and those who pray in their temples and monks!”

“Thus, even in the course of fighting, the churches, believers and church clergy are intact under the laws of Islam, and even more so in peaceful times. But terrorists do not honor the laws of the Koran and Prophet guidelines. They break everything sacred for Muslims, and their actions evoke Islamophobia and anger against Muslims. No one is safe from their crimes, including the Muslims. On behalf of the Muslims of Ukraine, I strongly condemn the attack on the church and the murder of priests and believers, I extend my regret and compassion and hope that together we will overcome this disaster,” Said Ismagilov notes.

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    • | 23 January 2020, 09:15

      Кроме того, митрополит Андоей - ПРАВЕДНИК именно УКРАИНСКОГО народа, к которому принадлежал и искренним патриотом которого и был. ---- Т. е. имея смешанное - украинско-польское происхождение и

    • | 23 January 2020, 08:16

      Он, митрополит Щептицкий, дескать, "украинцев на работу в Германию, к немцам отправлял. Сколько душ украинцев, благодаря ему, было загублено в застенках нацисткой Германии, один Бог знает."

    • | 22 January 2020, 21:19

      Что - Вашу "русско-мировскую" пластинку заело?! :)

    • | 22 January 2020, 21:16

      А "умные люди" - это КТО?! Неужто коммуно-КГБистские идеологи и пропагандисты?! ---- Т. е. те самые, в брехливых брошюрах-агитках и грязных статьях которых - ещё в совдеповские времена -

    • ultimaratio22 | 22 January 2020, 20:57

      А вы научитесь правильно излагать свои оксюмороны,а не выказывайте свои глупости. А лучше учитесь у умных людей

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