After Tomos, no violence for redistributing church property will burst out

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The statements about the "seizure of churches", the possibility of a “civil war” once the Tomos of autocephaly is issued are an example of the Kremlin’s misinformation, a lie that is part of a hybrid war against Ukraine.

This was stated by the Patriarch Filaret in an interview with the press center of the Kyiv Patriarchate.

The head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyivan Patriarchate recalled that Moscow repeatedly resorted to lies when it talked about the religious aspect of the war in Donbas, about the persecution of the UOC-MP. Now is the turn of the lies about seizure of church buildings.

Patriarch Filaret noticed that there is no way for the Kyiv Patriarchate in principle to capture churches.

“Why is it impossible? For there are no “churches of the Kyiv Patriarchate” or “churches of the Moscow Patriarchate”. According to Ukrainian law, all churches and property are owned by communities - either by right of ownership, or use, or lease,” he said.

The First Hierarch reminded that the Law on Freedom of Conscience states that each community can freely choose or change the center of its subordination.

“If a had person previously believed that the Kyivan Patriarchate was ‘mistaken’ and Moscow Patriarchate was right and then realized that this was not true, and decided to affiliate with the Kyivan Patriarchate, does he or she have the right to do so or not? They do!” said Patriarch Filaret.

“Our position is as follows: if more than two-thirds of the community decided at their general meetings that it is necessary to move from one Patriarchate to another - then the community retains its property, and the minority has the right to build another church or arrange for their own premises otherwise. If a simple majority, not two thirds, has decided, then it is necessary to conduct for the alternating worship hours so that both parts of the formerly unified community - both the majority and the minority – could exercise their right,” Patriarch Filaret explained.

“For if dozens of parishes are coming to us, there will be thousands once the Tomos is granted. Why so? For now, those in the Moscow Patriarchate consider our Church “not recognized, non-canonical”. Once the Tomos is issued, it will already become recognized, and “canonical” for them. Therefore, if they are now afraid to change affiliation not to become “non-canonical”, they will no longer be afraid after the Tomos is granted,” he predicts.

“No violence will burst out once the Tomos is granted, and property will be owned by the communities, as it is now ... Because our goal is not buildings, not property, but the unity of believers.” the Patriarch emphasized.

Speaking about the Kyiv-Pechersk and Pochayiv Lavras, the Patriarch noted that sooner or later they will cease to be centers of the “Russian world.”

“No one will “seize the Lavra”, as some MP scares us! Moreover, over these four years we have repeatedly stated that the calls to “go and seize the Lavra” are a provocation for the benefit of the Kremlin. And when people from Maidan in February 2014, outraged against the support that the Lavra provided to the so-called "titushkas" and Yanukovych, went to the Lavra, then our bishops and priests from the Kyivan Patriarchate persuaded people not to enter the territory of the Lavra,” reminded Patriarch Filaret.

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  • Ortox | 3 August 2018, 14:26
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    Бреше колгоспник! Спить і бачить як Лаври віджати!

    • enzian | 3 August 2018, 17:03
      comment comment

      "Віджати" - це з москальського лексикону.

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