After bestowal of Tomos on UOC, Moscow to lose Belarus as well

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The local status of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, as soon as it is recognized, will cast doubt on the canonical affiliation with the Moscow Patriarchate of the territory of Belarus as well. It opens the way to the creation, at the moment, of emergence of the purely canonical grounds for autocephaly of Belarusian Orthodoxy.

This was posted by Konstantin Matviyenko, an expert of the Strategic Consulting Corporation “Gardarika” on Radio Liberty site, ZIK reports.

“Public attention to the problem of the Orthodox Church's acquisition of the status of Local Government in Ukraine is first of all attracted by politicians. By Russian politicians – because for their state from time immemorial Orthodoxy was an instrument of external expansion and absorption of the surrounding countries. The Ukrainian ones - because the Russian expansion under the pretext of the “one faith” had to rely on it from time immemorial,” said the expert.

According to him, the transformation of Orthodoxy into an indispensable component of the Russian national idea has made Great Russian chauvinists, both from political and religious circles its hostages.

“By appropriating St Volodymyr's Baptism and even the Prophecy of St Andrew the First-Called on the slopes of the Dnieper, where Kyiv later shone, the Russian “collectors of land” are panicked for fear of losing the grounds of the ancient, apostolic origin of their Church they have created by their own hands, which will surely happen when the Ukrainian Church is canonically recognized as separate from the Russian one,” the expert believes.

“The autocephalous status of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church means for Russia a radical reduction of its own status – both in the age of origin and thein  number of believers. All claims to the leading role of the Moscow Patriarchate in the world Orthodoxy will have to be forgotten. Such a fiasco knocks out one of the “bearing pillars” of the Russian national idea. Therefore, the Kremlin is desperately seeking to terminate the process of granting to Ukrainian Orthodoxy the local status, which has been already initiated by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew,” says Kostyantyn Matviyenko.

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  • Mauricio | 11 July 2018, 04:30
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    russians live from stolen goods. As the article mentions quite well, they have stolen great part of Ukrainian history, twisting facts and manipulating it, to make it their ¨own¨. They are pathetic and treacherous creatures that wherever they go, they steal, bring destruction and horror. History has proven this time after time.

  • Михаил | 10 July 2018, 00:10
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    На сайте РПЦ очень коротко сказано о встрече Патриарха Кирилла с делегацией Константинопольского Патриархата. Встретились, и непонятно. Нет победных реляций и комментариев - можно сделать вывод о проблемах и разногласиях. Неужели приближается Великий час Украинской Церкви? Подай, Господи! Боже Единый, Могучий, нам Украину храни! Станем, братья, истинными христианами, без лжепророков и лжепатриархов, без Денисенко! Слава Украине! Героям слава!

    • b111 | 10 July 2018, 07:07
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      Да **товарисч** Михаил - буде Томос, буде Помісна Церква, буде Філарет патріархом - все БУДЕ. Так що радій і веселися Торжество Справедливості в Православ*ї наступає. А манкуртам в нас везде дорога- чумодан, вокзал-**расея** Залесская Московия. МПшники тебе не дуже тут жалують, а в РПЦ - там все твоё, там всё родное, а саме головне Філарета не буде - ну ЗОВСІМ. І нас не буде - будет спокойствие мир да благодать. Будеш мацковских пи.Асов просвещать о геях. Счастливага пути!

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  • Ortox | 18 November 2018, 12:52

    Що ж то за центр такий загадковий на ім'я композитора?! Фейкове опитування!

  • | 17 November 2018, 11:46

    От і чудово: якраз нині й наразі Христовий Святий Дух, у т. ч. відповідаючи на ці - ревні й повсякчасні молитви Своїх істинно віруючих за нашу Батьківщину, і переплавляє й творить ту - воістину

  • Ortox | 17 November 2018, 10:56

    До речі в заказних опитуваннях істино віруючим людям немає часу коли брати участь, вони за Україну моляться.

  • Ortox | 17 November 2018, 10:52

    От і робіть своє, а ми як і робили Христове так і будемо!

  • John | 17 November 2018, 09:32

    Та таких "соцопитувань" і "центрів" зараз як собак не різаних.

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