Delegation of the Patriarchate of Constantinople to visit Moscow to negotiate on Ukrainian issue

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Ilarion-!!!!(1).jpgThe delegation of the Patriarchate of Constantinople will arrive in Moscow on July 9 to discuss the prospects of granting autocephaly to the Ukrainian Church, Metropolitan Hilarion, as stated by head of the Department of External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Interfax-Religion reports.

"The delegation of the Patriarchate of Constantinople is making visits to the Local Orthodox Churches to clear out their attitudes towards the idea of ​​granting autocephaly to the Ukrainian Church. The delegation will come to Moscow on July 9. We will of course listen carefully to the arguments that will be presented,” said the Metropolitan in an interview with the Greek church news agency Romfea during his visit to Athens.

In his opinion, the most important thing is that a “comprehensive dialogue” begin on this issue between the Churches of Russia and Constantinople, as “the virtual exchange of ideas that has taken place in recent months, including through the mass media, is not a very good way to solve the problem of the Ukrainian split.”

Metropolitan Hilarion considers it very important that the Local Churches “show solidarity, which is the key to the unity of the Orthodox Church,” and stated that any support for the split could “undermine this unity, in addition, the support of a split in one place immediately prompts the schismatics in other places to walk tall again.”

The Metropolitan considers it important that, during a recent meeting with the four hierarchs of the UOC-MP, Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, “has very clearly stated that there would be no legitimation of the split.”

“I am hopeful that problem of the Ukrainian split will be solved exclusively in a canonical manner,” said Metropolitan Hilarion.

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  • Mauricio | 8 July 2018, 02:29
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    A simple question: what russia has to do with Ukraine A clear answer: NOTHING!

  • Михаил | 30 June 2018, 11:28
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    "...к идее дарования автокефалии Украинской церкви." Так значит все-таки, вопреки рассказам делегации РПЦ, такая идея есть, она обсуждается и решается. Значит Варфоломей допускает возможность такой автокефалии при определенных условиях. Все заврались - и РПЦ, и Илларион, и Денисенко со своей "упц кп"! И это, вроде как, люди, служащие Богу!

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  • bopa | 18 July 2018, 23:17

    Члени Константинопольського синоду, Предстоятелі Православних церков ніколи не спішили. І правильно робили, бо допомагають робити нашу роботу. Після отримання інформації від всіх Православних

  • В. Ясеневий | 18 July 2018, 21:49

    За словами відомого вчителя історі, УГКЦ сьогодні не зможе поєднати навіть вірних Західних областей України. НЕХАЙ покаже свою харизму і духовну силу, і поєднає хоч би лише вірних УПЦ КП і УАПЦ не

  • Halo | 18 July 2018, 20:26

    Продовженння тут (більш оптимістичне) ;)

  • Ігор Зенькович | 18 July 2018, 18:57

    Ердаганішка тисне на Патрварха, бо мацкалі йому подарували 2млрд$

  • В. Ясеневий | 18 July 2018, 15:34

    Зупинити не можна! Та якби її найскоріше втілити!!!

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