Inter-Orthodox relations

  • 12 September 2019, 15:32 | Jurisprudence | 

    District court bans OCU from the disposal of property of liquidated UOC-KP

  • 5 September 2019, 09:55 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    District Administrative Court suspends liquidation of UOC-KP

    The UOC-KP filed a lawsuit regarding the illegality of the registration actions of Ukraine's Ministry of Culture on the termination of the Kyiv Patriarchy of the UOC-KP and the creation of the Liquidation Commission of the Kyiv Patriarchate of the UOC-KP led by Metropolitan Ioan (Yaremenko).

  • 29 August 2019, 10:19 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    Archimandrite Cyril (Hovorun): Greeks to finalize recognition of OCU in October

    Archimandrite Cyril (Hovorun) called positive yesterday’s decision of the Synod of the Orthodox Church of Greece regarding the right of Constantinople to solve the Ukrainian question. In his opinion, in October this year, the issue of recognition of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine by the Greek Church will be finalized.

  • 9 August 2019, 11:07 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    According to the canons, OCU does not depend on Constantinople at all, -archimandrite Kyryl Hovorun

    A well-known Ukrainian theologian, professor at the University of the USA Archimandrite Kyryl Govorun commented the accusations of the OCU 's dependence on Constantinople, reports «Religious Truth».

  • 2 August 2019, 09:41 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    UOC MP community switches to OCU in Dnipro region

    A community of the Moscow Patriarchate in Nikopol district of Dnipropetrovsk region has changed its affiliation to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

  • 1 August 2019, 10:54 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    Filaret says he is forced to to be part of OCU

    Patriarch Emeritus Filaret of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine said that he was forced to be part of the OCU, although he does not want to. UNIAN has reported him as saying this at a press conference in Kyiv.

  • 28 July 2019, 14:21 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    OCU Head: pre-election saga will come to an end -- parish transitions to OCU will pick up pace

    In the course of over six months that have passed since the establishment of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, it was joined by more than 500 parishes of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, said the head of the OCU Epifaniy at the briefing on July 28, Radio Liberty reports.

  • 28 July 2019, 12:20 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    Ecumenical Patriarch congratulates Ukrainians on 1031 Anniversary of baptism of Rus-Ukraine

    Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew greeted Ukrainians on the 1031st anniversary of the baptism of Rus -Ukraine. Patriarch Bartholomew's message to the Ukrainian people was read by the head of the delegation of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, Metropolitan Emmanuel of France, who attended the Liturgy on the Day of the baptism of Russia, UKRINFORM reports.

  • 28 July 2019, 09:37 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    OCU establishes Romanian vicariate

    The Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, which convened on July 27 in the Congregational Hall of the Kyiv Orthodox Theological Academy, established a vicariate for the Romanian-speaking believers who live in Ukraine – a separate structure in the Church with the rights of self-governance.

  • 15 July 2019, 10:16 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    Ecumenical Patriarch names first Church to recognize OCU

    Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew has said that the Local Orthodox Churches will recognize the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, and the first Church to do it will be the Greek Church.

  • 12 July 2019, 11:44 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    UOC (MP) twisted facts three times about attitude of Athos to OCU

    The official website of the UOC-Moscow Patriarchate spread the news "Kinot of the Holy Mountain appealed to the Greek Foreign Ministry to protect Mount Athos from provocations of Ukrainian schismatics", which provided readers with incomplete information about the incident, thus disorienting the readers. This practice of reporting on the events related to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine has become traditional for the website of the UOC-MP, Religion in Ukraine reports.

  • 2 July 2019, 10:13 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    OCU apologizes to Serbs for concelebration with clergyman of unrecognized Montenegro Church

    Metropolitan Epifaniy sent a letter of apology to Metropolitan Amphilochius, Head of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro, for his concelebration with a clergyman of the unrecognized Montenegro Orthodox Church, Archimandrite (now Bishop) Boris Boyovich.

  • 30 June 2019, 09:56 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    OCU Spokesman: ROC strives to become Orthodox Vatican

    The Russian Orthodox Church strives to become the "second Vatican" and a global religious and political center, that is why it tries to disrupt the authority of the Tomos of Autocephaly of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

  • 12 June 2019, 11:20 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    Archbishop Yevstratiy (Zorya): terms of Tomos were known well before Unification Council

    In 2008, the Ecumenical Patriarchate offered to provide the Ukrainian Churches a partial autonomy that envisages the status of a Metropolia.

  • 11 June 2019, 09:44 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    Metropolitan Epifaniy visits Ecumenical Patriarch

    Metropolitan Epifaniy of Kyiv and all Ukraine arrived in Constantinople (Istanbul) on June 10, 2019 to congratulate Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew on the day of his patron saint, which he celebrates on June 11. The Metropolitan is accompanied by Archbishop Yevstratiy of Chernihiv and the delegation of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. It was reported by the official website of the OCU.

  • 10 June 2019, 10:37 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    Vinnytsia region community changes affiliation to OCU at second attempt

    On Sunday, June 9, a meeting of the local religious community was held in the community hall of the Village of Vinnytski Khutory, near the regional center of Vinnytsia. Majority of the votes supported the transition of the community to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. It is reported by the website Na Paryzhi.

  • 8 June 2019, 06:24 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    OCU Head: Church of Greece actively moves towards OCU recognition

    Metropolitan Epifaniy of Kyiv said that currently the Church of Greece is actively moving in the direction of recognition of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

  • 7 June 2019, 12:29 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    OCU Head: we are ready to establish vicariate for Romanian-language parishes

    The main liturgical language in the Orthodox Church of Ukraine is Ukrainian, but national minorities can use in their communities the language that is their native and is comprehensible to them.

  • 5 June 2019, 11:48 | Church-state relations | 

    UOC-MP Metropolitan of Chernivtsi wants Zelensky to cancel decisions of religious communities on transition to OCU

    Metropolitan Melety of Chernivtsi and Bukovyna, UOC-Moscow Patriarchate, has complained to President of Ukraine about the officials of the local regional state administration. According to the Hierarch, they -- allegedly -- illegally transferred 11 communities from the UOC-MP to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

  • 2 June 2019, 10:01 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    Titushky raiders brought into famous Kruty village, disrupt community transition to OCU

    In the famous village of Kruty, Nizhyn district of Chernihiv region, the thugs – ‘titushkas’ - brought by representatives of the UOC-Moscow Patriarchate have disrupted the parish community meeting, which should have adopted decision on the transfer of the local St. Michael's Church to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.