Pope to metropolitan Alfeyev: Catholic churches shouldn't meddle in your affairs

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The pope has held an important meeting with a delegation of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow led by Hilarion of Volokolamsk, the chairman of External Church Relations, Rome Report informs.

He asked Catholics not to intervene in internal matters of the Russian Orthodox Church.

"The Catholic Church, the Catholic Churches, should not interfere in internal affairs of the Russian Orthodox Church, not even in political matters. This is my position and the position of the Holy See today. Those who meddle, do not obey the Holy See."

"In front of you I want to confirm, most of all in front of you, dear brother, and before you all, that the Catholic Church will never allow an attitude of division to be born on its own. We will never allow it. I do not want it. In Moscow, in Russia, there is only one Patriarchate, yours. We will not have another."

Pope Francis has invited all Christian patriarchs to pray together for peace on July 7 in Bari. It is not yet known if Kirill, the patriarch of Moscow, will also participate.

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  • Jim Dietrich | 15 June 2018, 20:25
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    Several years ago, the Orthodox Patriarchs of Constantinople, Antioch, Alexandria and Jerusalem met as a group and issued a joint declaration that Ukraine is NOT part of the canonical territory of the Russian Orthodox Church. That's the final word on this matter.

  • romand | 3 June 2018, 10:42
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    Is this God's justice when high officials from the Russian Orthodox Church come to the Vatican (enemy no. 1) and beseech Pope Francis to stop "meddling" in "their affairs"? But what is this "meddling"? Ecumenism between the UGCC and the UOC(KP) and the UAOC? The critical erosion of the ROC in Ukraine (AKA the UOC MP)? How pathetic that the ROC officials cannot understand that they are masters of their own destiny. After all, are they not the people who have given their full support to Putin's chauvinist and imperialist ambitions in Ukraine? And now they are appalled that Ukrainian parishioners are turning their backs to them? Meddling indeed!

  • Shvagyrr | 2 June 2018, 05:48
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    Yet the Russian Orthodox Church repeatedly meddles in the affars of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

    • Mauricio | 2 June 2018, 20:00
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      Agree. Somehow is a way to say to moscow: I will not meddle in your affairs but also you also don´t meddle in OURS. Anyway, I get a feeling that Pope Francis is quite naive in his approach to moscow and somehow is afraid to make them upset. He is giving way too much in return of nothing. Nonetheless, reading the original speech in italian, he clearly refers to russia. In a way, making clear Ukraine is a distinct and totally separate issue

  • Panas | 1 June 2018, 17:20
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    Indeed, no religious denomination should interfere in each other affairs. The Orthodox Church of Constaninople and its associated Patriarchates have to make their decision regarding Ukrainian Autocephaly internally without outside pressures and no comments in that direction by anyone is acceptable.

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  • Михаил | 17 June 2018, 21:47

    Вдумайтесь, без криков, истерик и "патриотизма". Кому предоставлять автокефалию? Единой Украинской церкви? А где она? Для начала её надо создать. А потом уже, даже не предоставлять

  • Mauricio | 16 June 2018, 04:47

    He is preparing to announce recognition of the one and only UOC. The so called UOC-MP will be just what it is : ROC. A parasite in Ukraine

  • mischa | 15 June 2018, 22:13

    Моливо якщо буде Божа Воля, то многостраждальна Україна отримає томос і стане канонічною об'єднаною православною країною. Божа любов переможе.

  • Jim Dietrich | 15 June 2018, 20:25

    Several years ago, the Orthodox Patriarchs of Constantinople, Antioch, Alexandria and Jerusalem met as a group and issued a joint declaration that Ukraine is NOT part of the canonical territory of

  • В. Ясеневий | 14 June 2018, 20:59

    "ЄНТО просто геполитика,-" це ніяке не пояснення, пане Агвінатус складної ситуації в нашій УКРАЇНІ. Це нгаду мені так зване пояснення : це просто вода і вона мокра...А звідки вона взялася

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