Assess political forces by fruits of their deeds, calls the AUCCRO

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voting_2b_.gif-d.gifThe All-Ukraine Council of Churches and Religious Organizations urges Ukrainians to come to the polls on Sunday, as the new parliament faces the important task to ensure peace and territorial integrity of the state and to introduce and implement reforms. Spiritual leaders also remind of the moral component of the elections.

This is the message of the AUCCRO’s statement published on the website of the Institute for Religious Freedom.

“On October 26, 2014 the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will be held,” states the document. “The new Parliament will face a very important task to ensure peace and territorial integrity of Ukraine, to promote reform and economic recovery.

It should be emphasized that after the constitutional reforms the Parliament is charged with higher responsibility, because the government composition depends on the Parliament and the majority of MPs it forms. Therefore, every citizen is charged with more responsibility because the composition of the new Parliament is determined by our common choice.

We would particularly stress the moral component of the election. Fraud or bribery of voters, giving them deliberately unrealistic promises, falsification of election results are manifestations of lie that violate God's commandments. Therefore, we encourage candidates and political parties to remember their responsibility not only under human law, but to God, who sees everything.

Dear voters! We encourage you to use the time that remained before the election to get better acquainted with the candidates and political parties, so that on the election day, October 26, after having prayed, you go to the polls and make responsible informed choices. Do not sell your vote either for money or for other material assets, or for sweet promises. Make your choice in honest conscience.

Ukraine is in a difficult situation that may be solved through strategic vision of the future, firm and deliberate steps, unity of effort. Irresponsibility of voters or elected deputies threatens deepening contradictions, evolving crisis and chaos in the country. So evaluate candidates and political forces not by their promises, but by the fruit of their deeds, their ability to cope with the tasks entrusted to them.

History has proven that much depends on the voice of each of us, on our will to do good and to resist evil. The informed, responsible and honest choice in the vote on October 26 is one more step to building up the new peaceful and prosperous Ukraine.”

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    • bopa | 20 October 2019, 07:43

      Твердження "церква з державою немає ніяких спільних інтересів і їх діяльність не перетинається і не доторкується в жодній точці" антиконституційне! Читайте уважно преамбулу і зрозумієте

    • bopa | 20 October 2019, 07:36

      Членство патріарха Кіріла у Сов. Без-і РФ-ії дає відповідь на значення РПЦ МП для політики РФ-ії. Зобумовлює дії патріарха Кіріла відповідно стратегії держави на чолі з Путіним. "Вогнем і

    • | 18 October 2019, 10:08

      Р. S. Й, між іншим, в незалежній Україні цей (де-факто) людиноненависницький - заздрісно-братовбивчий і самогубний "дух Каїна" (він же - дітовбивчий "дух Тараса Бульби"), в т. ч.

    • | 18 October 2019, 08:57

      Оккупанты уже давно отказались от "марксистско-ленинской идеологии", на смену которой пришла мифология т. наз. "русского мира". -------- Что же касается "губителей душ

    • Стефан | 17 October 2019, 21:11

      Охотное впрягание называющих себя христианами в гнилую партийно-политическую повозку марксистско-ленинской идеологии оккупантов, диверсантов и сепаратистов, действующих против верующего украинского

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