• 14 March 2017, 09:39 | Inter-Orthodox relations

    ROC avoids subordinating Crimean diocese to retain its impact on UOC (MP)

    The main objective of the ROC is not to aggravate the situation but keep the UOC (MP) under its control. This opinion was expressed by a sociologist of religion, author of the book titled “Russian Orthodox Church. Status and Problems” Mykola Mytrokhin on Radio Krym.Realiyi.

  • 6 March 2017, 15:07 | Inter-Orthodox relations | view photo

    Moscow Patriarchate keeps losing parishes in Ternopil region

    The transfer of the parish of St. Stephen Protomartyr from the UOC (MP) to the Kyiv Patriarchate community in the village Kotyuzhyny, Zbarazh district of Ternopil region has almost completed. The relevant documents are currently being prepared.

  • 14 February 2017, 14:40 | Interchurch relations | 

    Cardinal Kurt Koch proposes to set up a commission to reconcile the UGCC and ROC

  • 10 February 2017, 20:38 | Faith and weapon | view photo | view video | 

    Ukrainian chaplains pushed up together to support Ukrainian military

    Ukrainian military chaplains of different denminations and religions have joined the world campaign “22 Push-ups challenge” in support of Ukrainian military – Fr Lubomyr Yavorsky, Deputy Head of the Department of the Patriarchal Curia of the UGCC of the Pastoral care for Armed Forces of Ukraine, said on his Facebook page.

  • 25 January 2017, 10:18 | Interchurch relations | 

    UGCC Patriarch led interfaith prayer for Christian Unity

    Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Patriarch Sviatoslav led an interfaith Prayer for Christian Unity, held on January 23, 2017 at the Church of St. Basil the Great in Kyiv, within the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

  • 16 January 2017, 10:06 | UOC KP | 

    Authorized representatives of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Kyiv Patriarchate in search for solutions to Ukrainian Orthodoxy issue in Istanbul

    On January 12, 2017, with the blessing of Patriarch Filaret of the Kyiv Patriarchate, members of the commission for dialogue with the Ecumenical Patriarchate met with representative members of the Holy Synod and the Holy Patriarchate of Constantinople at the official residence of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew at the Phanar (Istanbul, Turkey).

  • 6 December 2016, 11:47 | Announcements | 

    Interreligious Symposium on migration to be held in Lviv

    On Thursday, December 8, 2016, Lviv will host the Interreligious Symposium “Migration through the prism of interfaith dialogue: a view of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.” The event will be held under the auspices of the religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine “Ummah” and the Centre for interfaith and inter-religious dialogue “Libertas.”

  • 29 November 2016, 17:50 | AUCCRO, inter-confessional councils | 

    All-Ukrainian Council of Churches – a laboratory of ecumenism – marks 20 years

    Pope John Paul II during his visit to Ukraine (2001) after a meeting with representatives of Ukraine AUCCRO called it “the greatest laboratory of ecumenism.”

  • 16 November 2016, 11:56 | Ukrainians outside of Ukraine | 

    Annual Holodomor Commemoration At St. Patrick Cathedral

    On Saturday, November 12, 2016 – Hundreds of Ukrainians, guests and supporters gathered, at Manhattan’s St. Patrick Cathedral for an ecumenical requiem service and commemorative program dedicated to the memory of Ukraine’s Holodomor, Stalin’s genocide of millions of Ukrainians in 1932-1933, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA press service informs.

  • 10 November 2016, 09:16 | AUCCRO, inter-confessional councils | 

    New religious council to be launched in Ukraine

    At the initiative of a number of religious organizations that are not members of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations (AUCCRO) a working group has been established to prepare a constituent assembly of All-Ukrainian Religious Council (AURR).

  • 3 November 2016, 12:07 | AUCCRO, inter-confessional councils | 

    AUCCRO holds its meeting in ATO zone

    On November 2, Sarmat military base in Kramatorsk of Donetsk region hosted a meeting of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations.

  • 3 November 2016, 11:46 | AUCCRO, inter-confessional councils | 

    Liberated cities of Kramatorsk and Slovyansk herald victory of peace over war – AUCCRO appeal

    All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations appealed to all people affected by the war, living in the ‘gray zone’ and the zone of combat action assuring that they are willing to help them heal wounds and give the opportunity to feel themselves worthy citizens.

  • 4 October 2016, 17:44 | National religious question | 

    Ivan Dzyuba Receives the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Award for 2016

    Mr. Dzyuba was recognized for his decades-long commitment to human rights and fostering dialogue between nations. He was an authoritative voice during the repressive Soviet period, speaking out against xenophobia and anti-Semitism and working for national reconciliation.

  • 3 October 2016, 11:02 | Religion and society | view photo | 

    Family is a union of man and woman, - Zaporizhya holds second March for Life

    On October 2, thousands of people walked in the columns of "March for Life" along the main street of Zaporizhya. This is the second march in the city, organized by the Spiritual Council of Christian Churches of Zaporizhya.

  • 30 September 2016, 17:14 | International relations | 

    Maksym Vasin: Religious persecution in Donbas as a consequence of the Russian aggression

    "OSCE should defend the fundamental right for freedom of religion for those, who have suffered daily in eastern Ukraine because of the Russian aggression", stated Maksym Vasin, CEO of the Institute for Religious Freedom, at the OSCE HDIM (Session 12) on September 27, 2016 in Warsaw.

  • 23 September 2016, 16:02 | Announcements | 

    Migration - the main topic of Ecumenical Social Week in Lviv

    Traditionally during the autumn season the representatives of various faiths, religious organizations, education, authorities, business, public sector, media and all people of good will gather and share their experience and work out solutions towards social problems.

  • 22 September 2016, 10:02 | Legislation | 

    Charity endangered: AUCCRO calls parliamentarians to adjust Tax Code

    All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations calls on Parliament to support draft law 5050, which eliminates a number of inaccuracies in the Tax Code regarding the non-profit status of religious organizations.

  • 20 September 2016, 16:17 | Religious relations | 

    Pope meets refugees, religious leaders at Assisi peace day

    This year, Christians were invited to pray in the Basilica of St. Francis, while those from other religions will pray in the town that for centuries has drawn admirers of the saint who abandoned family wealth for an austere existence of preaching tolerance.

  • 20 September 2016, 11:44 | Religious ceremonies and pilgrimage | 

    Pilgrims of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church visited the tomb of St. Nicholas of Japan

    Metropolitan Luka of Zaporozhye and Melitopol, together with representatives of the Zaporozhye diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, went on a pilgrimage visit to Japan, reports the Information and Education Department of the UOC.

  • 20 September 2016, 10:43 | Interchurch relations | 

    Russian Orthodox official again named Eastern-rite Catholics obstacles to ecumenical unity

    Speaking on September 16 at a meeting of a joint Catholic-Orthodox theological commission, the chief ecumenical officer of the Russian Orthodox Church said that the activity of the "Uniates" - the Eastern churches in communion with Rome - is the greatest obstacle to greater unity between Catholics and Orthodox.