German gravestones vandalized in Chernihiv

11 May 2020, 13:02 | Religious intolerance and vandalism | 1 |   | Code for Blog |  | 

In Chernihiv, unknown destroyed 36 gravestones of executed German prisoners of war.

This was announced on Facebook by Deputy Chernihiv mayor Oleksandr Lomako.


"It is obvious that in a fit of "victory-frenzy" some idiots (I have no other definition for that) affected by alcohol (empty beer and vodka bottles were found) destroyed 36 slabs on the graves of German prisoners of war that were shot in wartime near the ski base in Chernihiv. This is how they celebrated May 9 yesterday," he wrote.

According to him, the management of KP "Spetskombinat" reported the act of vandalism to law enforcement agencies, and on Sunday, operatives were already working at the crime scene. An investigation is underway.

Lomako assured that the city authorities intended to restore the damaged graves. This is reported by UKRINFORM.

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  • Halo | 30 May 2020, 12:27

    Хороша агітація проти РПЦ в Україні

  • Рокитне | 30 May 2020, 07:10

    Уже ж писали що давно вже вивезли. А тепер знову вивозять. Значить нас в новостях раніше обдурили. А де гарантія що і це правда.

  • Рокитне | 30 May 2020, 07:04

    Є всякі пастирі і пресвітери, у всіх конфесіях і церквах. Тому міліонерів священників у селах і в містах наврядчи дуже багато.

  • Рокитне | 30 May 2020, 06:48

    Звичайно це поодинокі випадки. Навіщо мусульманам України себе так підставляти.

  • enzian | 30 May 2020, 06:36

    Інформація може. а ДЕЗінформація - не може.

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