Militants closed two more evangelical churches in occupied Donetsk region

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In Makiyivka, representatives of the so-called "MGB DNR" banned the parishioners of the local Church "Word of Life", renowned pastor and volunteer Serhiy Kosyak told the information agency "Vchasno (On Time)".

According to him, the militants came to the pastor of the Church "Word of Life" in Makiyivka and warned that if he continues to hold church meetings, they will be punished.

A similar situation emerged as regards to one of the Evangelical churches of Khartsyzsk.

"The occupation government requires that all churches in ORDLO were re-registered under the laws of the fake republics," said Serhiy Kosyak. "At the same time, registration is carried out in such a way that it is not so easy to do. In the occupied Luhansk region, not a single Evangelical Church was registered. In the so-called "DNR" Evangelical churches are registered, but some of the churches for certain reasons fundamentally refuse to register under the laws of the militants."

Serhiy Kosyak noted that the occupation authorities are trying to close churches that operate "illegally" - priests are being fined and even accused of extremism.

According to the laws of fake republics, a fine of 500 to 10 thousand rubles (192-3847 UAH) is imposed for "illegal gatherings", the second fine is up to 200 thousand rubles (76940 UAH)," said Serhiy Kosyak. "If the Church continues to hold gatherings, they can act more harshly. For example, in so-called "LNR" there was a case when brochures "Jehovah's Witnesses" and the book "Hitler's Cross" were planted to the priest during a search. This is the prohibited literature in ORDLO and the priest was accused of creating an extremist organization".

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    • bopa | 8 June 2020, 11:43

      То перераховані факти ви називаєте "фантазиями и ночными кошмарами"? Чому викладену інформацію ви "Очередная статья нижайшего интеллектуального уровня"? У вас

    • Slava43 | 4 June 2020, 13:46

      Це жодна агітація. На Буковині казали :»Мойше герехт, Сури герехт».

    • Slava43 | 4 June 2020, 13:39

      За часів союза, УПЦ підлягала моіковському патріярхату, примусово. Від незалежності УПЦ старалась отримати незалежність від Москви. Тепер, коли Україна має ТОМОС та незалежність то Лавру потрібно

    • Стефан | 2 June 2020, 15:54

      Последние события показали глубокий кризис РПЦ МП, где только отдельные редкие священнослужители твёрдо исповедуют Православную Веру, как схиигумен отец Сергий Романов, которого сейчас травят

    • Рокитне | 2 June 2020, 12:34

      Це добре було б.

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