Vandalism in Slavsk: Russian tile replaces paintings of Sosenko and Butsmanyuk

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Interior repairs were launched in the Church of the Assumption of the Theotokos of the UGCC in Slavske: the priceless murals executed by the muralist Modest Sosenko were replaced by tiles, the ornament of which reminds either of a mosque or a bath.

The photo of the “renovations” was taken by Adrian Klishch, according to

“The updated "beauty" replacing Sosenko's and Butsmanyuk's murals has appeared in the Church in Slavske," the Ukrainian society of protection of monuments of history and culture commented on their page on Facebook.

“Now we see this absolutely idiotic tile on the walls, and this means that no one stopped working, no one was brought to justice. No words are good to comment on it. This is the highest degree of ignorance and stupidity. But I have now claims not to those people who made it. What they're capable of, we saw when they shot down a painting of modest Sosenko and Yulian Butsmanyuk I have a question to our authorities – both Church and secular ones. Why has no one been brought to justice for the destruction of the monument? Why any work would continue there with no permits? Why would that even happen? I'm not even talking about crumbling, because this is a fact that took place. "Now we see this absolutely idiotic tile on the walls, and this means that no one stopped working, no one was brought to justice. In addition, these people demonstrate that the cultural heritage of Ukraine is nothing and we have no law enforcement agencies, no judicial system, no Prosecutor's office. We see that the Church does not take responsibility either. We really hoped that at least in this direction there will be some reaction, but received: "We are just concerned." I think that Ukraine will soon ban the word "concerned" or "concern" because there should be no concern, but very clear actions. Unfortunately, we do not see this," said the Chairman of the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments Andriy Salyuk.

All discussions about the future of the attractions ended in nothing. “There were a lot of proposals, but if the criminals continued to manage this site, then how we discuss scientific discussions or what else can be done there. There were very interesting proposals. We said that we would have to meet with scientists and make a decision. But who needs these decisions, if the Church is run by the very criminals who destroyed the wall painting? Will they give us the opportunity to do something right?” Andriy wonders.

Those who destroyed the monument, feel their impunity and, unfortunately, they give reason to others to think that this is how you can do with the monuments and there will be no responsibility. The Ukrainian society for the protection of historical and cultural monuments appealed to the Prosecutor's office and the regional administration.

“I personally got a call from the Prosecutor's office somewhere in early June that they want to take my testimony on the fact. It's mid-October now, and the things are still where they started. This means, perhaps, that the case is frozen, dismissed. I don't know what to call it, added Andriy Salyuk.

In May, repairs began in the Church of the Assumption of the Theotokos in Slavske designed by Vasyl Nahirny, during which the authentic paintings of the early twentieth century made by Modest Sosenko and Yulian Butsmanyuk were destroyed.

In addition, from the floor, hit the tiles, made at the factory of Ivan Levynskyi. Repair work was not stopped, despite the appeal of scientists, experts in the protection of historical heritage and volunteers, who, among other things, appealed to law enforcement agencies, local authorities and the leadership of the UGCC. Subsequently, the Special Commission was set which on May 15 examined repairs in the church in Slavske and tried to hand over to the rector of the temple the warrant on the termination of any works.

Representatives of the religious community refused to receive it, so the order was handed to the Chairman of the Skoliv amalgamated territorial community Volodymyr Bezya. Unfortunately, now the unique mural by Modest Sosenko can be seen only in photographs.

Reference: the Church of the Assumption of the Theotokos of the UGCC in Slavske was built in 1901 by architect Vasyl Nahirny with the support of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky. Modest Sosenko and Yulian Butsmanyuk began decorating the church in 1909. It is an architectural monument of local importance since 1994.

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    • Paraeklezyarh | 19 November 2019, 21:23

      Думаю, ПЦУ потрібно перейматись не переходами громад РПЦ МП, а реформами в церкві. Щоб люди бачили суттєву різницю між РПЦ та ПЦУ. Поки що цього не видно. Різняться лиш проповіді священнослужителів )

    • | 19 November 2019, 07:46

      Ні: це не "випрошування у чужинців". А нагадування і пропозиція світові від незалежної держави, яка знає і цінить свою власну гідність, належно пошанувати своїх достойників і праведників.

    • Paraeklezyarh | 18 November 2019, 21:32

      Чи не досить вже випрошувати ? То в одних знижки на газ клянчили, то в других євроінтеграцію.. Тепер ще в цих.... Подяка від Господа буде нашим праведникам на небі. І потрібно щоб в себе на

    • | 18 November 2019, 20:26

      "Тяжкими є визвольні змагання Євреїв, і багато перешкод криються на їхній дорозі. Але народ, який стільки дав людській культурі, освітить світ прекрасним явищем воскресіння з руїн своєї Вітчизни

    • | 17 November 2019, 18:06

      "Благословенне ім'я Твоє": -------------

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