From the captivity of militants of "DNR" released scientist Igor Kozlovsky

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63-year-old Ukrainian theologian and historian Igor Kozlovski was released yesterday from the captivity in the so-called Donetsk People's Republic. He was among 73 Ukrainian citizens, both military and civilians, who were in the list for exchange in one of the biggest swaps He was in captivity of militants from January 2016. He was accused of espionage and sentenced to nearly 3 years in prison. 

Ігор Козловський на борту гелікоптера з Петром Порошенком та Іриною Геращенко. Фото з фб-сторінки Святослава Цеголка

Igor Kozlovsky is the author of over 50 scientific books, over 200 articles in dictionaries, encyclopaedias, periodicals. For more than 25 years he worked in the Donetsk regional state administration as the chief specialist of religious Affairs, taught in the universities of Donetsk. For his peacekeeping medal of the Austrian Albert Schweitzer society.

January 27, 2016, a historian Igor Kozlovsky was captured by militants in occupied Donetsk. He was searched in his apartment and taken to one of the cellars of the "MGB" of the Donetsk People’s Republic. The detention took place just after the attempt to undermine monument of Lenin in the occupied city. There was no official information about the reasons for Kozlovsky’s arrest. First, there was information that he was accused of storing ammunition or espionage. Kozlovsky's wife, Valentyna, said that when the searchers came to their apartment, they said that the reason for this was "wrong correspondence on Facebook." They took away all the documents and gadgets from the scientist's apartment. The DPR said that he allegedly kept two grenades in his apartment, and the "Indictment" against the scientist consisted of only six pages. 

Kozlovsky did not leave the occupied city, because he had a paralyzed son, Svyatoslav. After the scientist's arrest, the latter was taken away from Donetsk.

Relatives even hired a lawyer in Donetsk, but no success. And they said that Kozlovsky had never held any political activity, and there were no reasons for detaining him.

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    • | 23 October 2018, 08:33

      У этого горе-"римо-католика" абсолютно ВСЯ "его" эта агрессивная, злобно-ненавистная терминология и "аргументация" - полностью, 1:1, позаимствованы (скопированы) из

    • enzian | 22 October 2018, 22:41

      Та ні, він же "католик" (з його слів).

    • Petro_R | 22 October 2018, 22:06

      І про що це там щебече дикий мокша Міхаїл?

    • Михаил | 22 October 2018, 20:15

      Где написано, что он имеет власть над другими церквями? Он что, подружившись с Денисенко заразился его болезнями - мания величия, жажда власти, врать, фальсифицировать и вводить в заблуждение? Ждём

    • bopa | 22 October 2018, 19:37

      Фраза "«наші брати слов'яни не можуть терпіти першості Вселенського Патріархату і нашої нації в Православ'ї»." потребує розвитку, бо до України не відноситься! Так думаю, мабуть, не тільки

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