Amina Okuyeva died the death of a martyr woman, says Mufti Said Ismagilov

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Mufti of the Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine “Ummah” Said Ismagilov believes that Amina Okuyeva died as a shaheed, a martyr, who sacrificed her life for Allah.


He wrote about this on his Facebook page.


“We all belong to the Allah, and we all return to Him.


The soul and heart are aching, the mind still refuses to realize it, but we have received a confirmation of the death of our heroic Muslim, sister Amina Okuyeva.


She is a heroic warrior woman. She is a very diligent Muslim woman, she always prayed, adhered to fasting, and complied with the high moral qualities inherent in believers! She defended Ukraine, and was not afraid of death. I testify that she was killed as a shaheed, a martyr who gave her life for Allah's cause in the path of justice and will enter the Paradise,” the Mufti said.


Said Ismagilov has assured that Amina Okuyeva will be an “example of a heroic Ukrainian Muslim woman” and will be prayed for.


“But it is important that even in this life there is a memory of the heroes. Therefore, I am asking that Amina Okuyeva be posthumously given the title of the Hero of Ukraine. I witness that she is completely worthy to be the hero of our country.


Let the Almighty Allah be Gracious to our Amina!” Mufti Said Ismagilov emphasized.


Yesterday, on October 30, Amina Okuyeva was killed as a result of a sabotage attack near Kyiv. The attack took place in the village of Hlevakha near Kyiv.


The adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, MP of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko said that the car of Okuyeva was fired from behind the bushes on a railway crossing near the village of Hlevakha of Kyiv region.


“As a result of the injuries inflicted Amina died, Adam Osmayev was injured, but he will live.” The police officers of the police are working on the site, and Ukraine will always remember and mourn her beautiful and clean daughter, and I convey my sympathy to Amina's family and friends. “The best memory of her will be a fair payback for all those who have been involved in this terrible murder,” he wrote.


Amina Okueva is a Ukrainian doctor, activist and a servicewoman of Chechen origin, a participant of the events of the Revolution of Dignity and War in the east of Ukraine in the battalion “Kyiv-2”. Born on June 5, 1983 in Odessa; together with his family lived in Moscow and Grozny. She returned to Ukraine in 2003 because of the Second Chechen War, enrolled the Odessa Medical University, major in general surgery. After completing her higher education, she worked as an intern in Odessa. Since the beginning of Euromaidan, she enrolled the Self-Defense, where she was a physician of the 8th Afghani Hundred. With the onset of the war in eastern Ukraine in July 2014, she enrolled the battalion "Kyiv-2", where she was registered as a nurse, however, according to Amina Okueva she had no significant medical practice.


She participated in the defense of Debaltsevo, performing combat missions near Chernukhino in Luhansk region. Later she served in Zoloti Vorota (the Golden Gate) battalion. She participated in the creation of the International Peacekeeping Battalion named after Dzhokhar Dudayev, served as a press officer of the battalion, and sought to that the battalion be granted the official status by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


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    "Приношу свої співчуття рідним і близьким Аміни. Кращою пам'яттю про неї буде справедлива відплата всім тим, хто був причетний до цього страшного вбивства", - написав він." Водночас - і саме з подібного приводу - є принципово інша світоглядно-етична позиція. Тобто одна з тих, що суттєво відрізняють іслам від християнства. А саме: "Отче, прости їм, бо не відають, що чинять" (Лк.23:34).

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