Danger of Dognal Sect Returning to Ukraine

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The Dognal group,known as “Ukrainian True-Believing Greek-Catholic Church” is an unregistered sect that pretends to be the official and true Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church. It is actually a sect controlled by an excommunicated Roman Catholic priest, Antonin Dognal, self-proclaimed patriarch and citizen of Czech Republic.


Stepan Pavliuk, Director of the Institute of Ethnology, has researched the sect its leader. Recently, he made an official request to the Lviv Chief of Policeto investigatea case connected with the sect, and his official request letter was published on social networks.On 3 June, members of the Dognal sect joined a pro-life march in Lviv, organized by local Christians. A Ukrainian Court Decision of 2016 prohibits the sect from holding demonstrations and other public gatherings in Lviv. Contrary to this ordinance, a group of 50 people led by «patriarch» Hitiuk,(and excommunicated priest-monk known for anti-Ukrainian activities), joined the pro-life march. Local security noticed this violation and asked the police to prohibit members of the Dognal sect to join with the march.

Mr. Pavliuk has now appealed to the head of regional administration to monitor the situation.

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    • barni | 24 July 2019, 05:46

      З Господнього благословіння, думаю ворожнечі немає, а от конкуренція за вірних ...??? Хоч тут є і свої великі плюси. Недалекий час покаже хто, особливо, з попів є хто. Хто за Україну, а хто ...???

    • Ігор Затятий | 23 July 2019, 23:32

      А що, між ними ворожнеча? Зрозуміло, що не згадуючи мацкалів, які цілий світ ненавидять

    • ustavschyk | 16 July 2019, 22:45

      Google Translate strikes again.

    • Ігор Затятий | 16 July 2019, 10:31

      «Обіцянка - цяцянка, а дурневі радість»

    • barni | 16 July 2019, 09:48

      " Коли ми навчимося бути разом, єдиною (Українською, а не католицькою авт.ком.) Церквою, перемагати те, що нас роз’єднує" - ТОДІ МИ СТАНЕМОГ ДІЙСНО НЕЗАЛЕЖНОЮ УКРАЇНОЮ. Браво Владико!!!

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