A man who beat a Jehovah’s Witness brought to court in Ternopil region

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In Husyatyn district, two Jehovah's Witnesses stumbled upon an aggressive person. They brought some religious booklets to him, and he beat them with a stick. The man disapproved of the unauthorized entry into his yard, 20 Khvylyn reports.

This is stated in the verdict of Husyatyn District Court of September 29, 2017. According to the case file, the incident occurred on June 15 in the village of Tudorov, Husyatyn District.

The victims - Andriy B. and Ivan S., members of the religious community Jehovah's Witnesses, were engaged in religious outreach on that day: they spread the literature and preached. They went to the territory of one household, where they wanted to meet with the owner's wife. They knocked at the door, but nobody was at home. So they left on the threshold the religious literature and, having mounted on their bicycles, were leaving the farm.

At that time, the owner, Stepan M., was returning. The latter knew them because they dropped in repeatedly. Seeing that, he got angry. They say they came in without permission. So, twisting a stick in the shoulder of one man. He fell. Then he struck another in the elbow. The second also fell. Then he was given a nape. Without stopping on this, the defendant further inflicted several blows on the first victim.

In the trial, the defendant repented, pleaded guilty and said he did not intend to offend the religious feelings of the victims. The court found him guilty under part 1 of Article 125 of the Criminal Code "Intentional Light Bodily Injury" and imposed a fine of 850 UAH. The law rule to partially satisfy the civil lawsuits of the victims. In particular, it imposed on the defendant the amounts of 119 UAH and 130 UAH of pecuniary damage, and of 1,000 UAH for non-pecuniary damage.


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