Nuns Wounded at Site of Construction of Catholic Church in Kyiv

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On April 16, during the evening prayer, at the site of construction of the Catholic Church of St. Francis in Kyiv unknown persons wounded two nuns with a pneumatic weapon.

According to the Catholic Media Center, the situation at the construction site becomes increasingly more tense.

According to a Franciscan monk Patrik Olikh, unknown persons shot from the building in front of the site, from the distance of approximately 70 meters. Sister Rozalia Mushynska was praying when the bullet damaged her nose. “I could be left without an eye but only the nose is cut and my cheek is swollen. Let us see what the doctor says,” commented the sister.

A report in this regard has already been submitted to the police.

According to eyewitnesses, the people protesting against the construction were happy about the incident. “They laughed and rejoiced,” said Sister Rozalia.

A part of the local residents, who are dissatisfied with the construction, deny their involvement in the incident. They call it a provocation saying that “they wounded themselves.” However, in the social networks, local residents threaten that it is “only the beginning.

Representatives of the Roman Catholic Church noted that if they do not start the construction, the plot will be taken away from them as it was transferred to their use, and, as it was intended for construction, the plot would be passed to someone else.

The religious community also refutes information spread by some mass media about “the destruction of a children’s playground or green area.” The playground remains there. As for the “green area,” according to the parishioners, last year the residents hastily planted trees on the plot. According to the development plan, a public garden with green plantations is to be arranged near the church and to be made open to anyone.

The Franciscans invite Catholics to come to the site for a prayer on April 17 again.

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  • Yuriy Chura | 17 April 2013, 20:42
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    Браття францисканці.Будьте стійкими і терпеливими в добрих починаннях .Я з вами моливсь о 19.00. І памятайте про заповідь любови до ближнього. Ті ,хто проти, також Діти Божі і за них просіть святого отця серафимика.

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