Global Leadership Summit in Lviv Discusses successful leadership based on Christian values

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"Everyone has influence," - under this the Global Leadership Summit was held in Lviv for the fourth time. On November 24-25, the Media Center of the Arena Lviv stadium brought together about a thousand guests from different parts of Western Ukraine in order to learn successful leadership. This was reported to RISU by the press-service of the Global Leadership Summit in Lviv.

The Global Leadership Summit in Lviv is a partner of the world-famous project The Global Leadership Summit, which was founded in 1995 by White Habels, in Ukraine it has been regularly held since 2006. About 160,000 leaders from all over the world participate annually therein. The purpose of the event is the development of leadership at the highest level while preserving the most important Christian values.


GLS traditionally runs in South Barrington near Chicago, gathering the audience of 25,000. Thereafter the video recording of the event is distributed by the partner countries. Each state has its own specific conduct. In addition to the traditional intensive lectures, the feature of GLS in Lviv was a panel discussion on the first day and a blitz interview on the stage with the mayor of the city on the last day of the summit. The musical accompaniment of the conference was provided by the ethnical music band “Kana”, and the Lviv Christian group “Unison”.

The panel discussion was attended by Oleg Sheremeta (medical teacher, director of a private clinic, a member of the association of Christian scholars) and Pavlo Silkovskyy (anesthetist of the Rivne Oblast Children's Hospital, one of the initiators and co-authors of the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the so-called “open resuscitation”). The issues of social responsibility were raised, the Christian values ​​and competence in the workplace were a subject matter of reflections. “We live at a time when the authoritarian type of leadership becomes a matter of the past. Today democratically management is required, motivating people to work, not forcing them, or imposing one’s authority  ... ,” said Oleg Sheremeta.


Already a traditional guest at GLS in Lviv is Mayor Andriy Sadovyy: “I am very sorry for the fact that I did not learn much when I was young. Therefore, now I give my advice to everyone - learn, and do it as much as possible. Well, of course, you need to constantly work on yourself, and do not be afraid to go ahead. You will do good deeds and God will help you,” said the head of Lviv.

The organizer of the summit, doctor of philosophy, UBTS rector Yaroslav Pyzh says that the main idea that organizers were trying to convey to participants was that successful leadership should be built on Christian values. “The Summit is a platform through which we can spread this vision. The value of any event is estimated by how long its consequences last in the life of the participants. I am convinced that the GLS speakers have enough experience and practice to inspire everyone to be a good leader in the area in which he works ...,” –Yaroslav Pyzh added.

A similar summit will be held in Kyiv on December 15-16.

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