Bishop Borys Gudziak urges to support healthcare reform: if it does not start now, we will continue to die

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Bishop Borys Gudziak of the UGCC called on the Ukrainians and MPs to support health reform.

His appeal was published on the page “Support healthcare reform: Bills 6327, 6329” on Facebook, IA ZIK reports.

Bishop Borys stresses that “if we do not start now, we will continue dying from diseases that are already successfully cured in the world.”

“Ukraine is a country with more than 200 universities, a country that produces the largest aircraft in the world, which surprises with the beauty of faces, which rose to a revolution of dignity. Men live on average 62 years here. We have problems with alcoholism, depression, people needlessly die in our demographic crisis.

And so I ask everyone to support these vital reforms in our health care system. If we do not make decisions, we are just going to die. After the Revolution of Dignity we want to live, we want to live in dignity,” said the hierarch.

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  • Roma Hayda | 14 July 2017, 18:46

    Excellent analysis with important historical and faith based references. Our faith asks us to forgive (and we must), but it does not ask for amnesia. The Servant of God Andrey Sheptytsky was a strong

  • Ігор Мицько | 12 July 2017, 15:08

    А мільярди Владіміра Путіна посідають особливе місце у Банку Ватикана.

  • Ігор Мицько | 4 July 2017, 11:26

    Робота ГРУ перед зустріччю кремлівського уродця з Трампом.

  • ustavschyk | 3 July 2017, 17:12

    Який "пастирський візит"?! Леонардо Кардинал Сандрі ніякий 'пастир' для УГКЦ, навіть брати до уваги що він префект Конгрегації проти - пробачте, 'для' Східних Церков.

  • Ron Feledichuk | 28 June 2017, 16:27

    And yet so many Ukrainians are under the russian imposed belief that the russian orthodox church is their Mother church including some of my own family in Canada!

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