Ukrainian Christians remembered homeless people who died on the streets

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On March 4, 2017, the Church of All Saints located at the construction site of the Cathedral of the Resurrection of the UOC, held a memorial service for the homeless who died on the streets. Funeral prayers were led by the Vicar of the Kyiv Metropolis, Bishop Varsonofy of Borodyany. It was reported by the Information and Education Department which cited to the website of the Cathedral of the UOC. 

After the prayerful commemoration at the Soborna gallery, the spiritual and educational center of the Cathedral held a memorial dinner organized by the volunteer organization “Friends of Sant’Egidio Community.” Poor and homeless people were invited to the table.

Addressing those present, the hierarch said that funeral arrangements for all homeless who died in the streets call us to “see God's image in man, which is next to us. Even in those men, in whom the society does not see men.” Bishop Varsonofiy also thanked the volunteers that make cannot remember the names of those who have passed from this life in solitude and misery.

In turn, one of the leaders of the Kyivan Sant’Egidio, Yuriy Lifanse said that the current commemoration was held annually “in memory of Mila and everyone who died on the streets.” Mila was an acquaintance of Sant’Egidio Community, who died in winter 2006 by the walls of one of the shopping malls of the capital. Since then the service for the homeless had been held, because according to Yuri Lifanse in our cities many homeless still die each year. This winter nine homeless are known to have died in Kyiv.

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  • Paul S. Ewasko | 27 July 2017, 19:22

    Unfortunately the leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church reject the concept of dialoge - it's either their way or no way. На жаль, лідери Руської Православної Церкви відкидають концепцію діалогу - це

  • enzian | 27 July 2017, 12:19

    Ні, це відображення реального місця "УПЦ МП" в житті українського суспільства.

  • Анатолій Наталія Денисюк | 27 July 2017, 09:58

    Є заслуги але не перед Україною а перед Росією вони є московській патріархат те що каже путін вони і виконують, не визнавати і не брати участі в похоронах які загинули наші хлопці і дівчата патріоти

  • Оленка | 26 July 2017, 23:06

    Ну вже навіть не смішно. Спробуйте тегнути новини по УПЦ МП. Стільки бруду прочитаєте - що в голові не поміститься. І це не дискримінація, не утиски?

  • S.Melnyk | 25 July 2017, 21:41

    А які в нього заслуги? Хіба ті, що вмів у всі часи лизати зад кому треба, заробляти на святому і плювати на правила і норми.

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