Analysts: Moscow Patriarchate readies new provocations before elections

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On the eve of the presidential and parliamentary elections, the Moscow Patriarchate will try to come up with provocations because they need to “save the face.” This opinion was expressed by the political technologist Oleksiy Holobutsky and religious expert Dmytro Horyevoy, according to Vholos, a media outlet. This is reported by TV Channel 24.


“Everything depends on the people themselves in the locations where they want to move to the new Orthodox Church of Ukraine, where it will be very difficult for the MP to engage in provocative actions, and they can practically do nothing,” the expert said.


Presumably, if the communities are not united, the Russian Orthodox Church may use this fact. They will incite people to confrontation, and then they will use it for “pictures.”

Dmytro Horyevoy added that the Moscow Patriarchate will stir up interfaith hatred in Ukraine, and therefore one should expect unrest.

Even in the elections, they will work for the pro-Russian political forces, as in the end, the Moscow Patriarchate does not care about Ukraine as a state: if [Ukraine] disappears, it will only benefit from [such a situation]. That is why there will be in confrontation,” said the religious expert.

As reported, after the Unification Council to the OCU, 20 parishes led by their priests have already decided to move to the OCU. An online map was created on the Internet, which lists the communities that have moved from the UOC-MP to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

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  • Рокитне | 29 December 2018, 15:38
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    Наприклад, захоплять Церкву ПЦУ чи УГКЦ в Донецькій області, де більшість в селі на стороні МП. Скажуть ми прихожани і хочемо перейти в РПЦ.

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    Михаил, здесь впору именно Вам обратиться к опытному и квалифицированному специалисту-психиатру! :)

  • Михаил | 22 January 2019, 17:27

    Чудны дела твои, Господи! Героем Украины становится человек, всю жизнь Украину презиравший, говоривший, что не существует украинского языка, а есть лишь польско-жидовский диалект. Всю жизнь мечтавший

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    "Рівноапостольний Володимир охрестив свій народ у Києві, де ТИСЯЧОЛІТТЯМИ все стоїть на своєму місці: і фундаменти Десятинної церкви, і Свята Софія, і храм Спаса на Берестові, і Києво-Печерська

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    А отут іще одна - цікава й важлива новина, пов'язана з Днем Соборності:

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