Moscow realizes that the Tomos is imminent, UOC-KP speaker projects further steps by the Kremlin

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Spokesman of the UOC-KP, Archbishop Yevstratiy (Zorya) of Chernihiv and Nizhyn, summed up on his Facebook page the recent developments in Phanar connected with the visit of the UOC-MP delegation and predicted the further steps of Moscow.



Main news from the Phanar after last weekend development:

1. The process of granting the Tomos of autocephaly has been launched - and it will not be canceled. The question is not whether the Tomos of autocephaly will be granted or not, as it will happen a little bit sooner or later, with the support of the decision of the Ecumenical Patriarch on the part of a bigger or smaller number of Local Churches.

2. If the Patriarchate of Constantinople did not count on being able to bring to a logical conclusion the matter of Tomos issuance - it would not have begun this process. Hysterical fits on the part of the Moscow Patriarchate (quite expected) will not stop the matter - as they did not stop the convening and holding of the Pan-Orthodox Council. No retreat under Moscow's pressure in both cases is possible, because it's a defeat.

3. Vadym Novynsky and his accompanying persons did not obtain what was the purpose of their visits - assurances that there would be no “autocephaly”, that “only one canonical Church is recognized” (i.e. the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine), “the condemnation of schismatics,” etc. On the contrary, they heard that, after nearly three decades in Ukraine, the hierarchs of the MP were not able to solve the problem of church separation - the Ecumenical Patriarchate can no longer remain inactive in this case, because the order of things is violated in the whole Orthodoxy, and the case concerns millions of believers who apply to Patriarch Bartholomew with a request to interfere.

The fact that Moscow allowed V. Novynsky to go to Phanar for negotiations (without the permission of Moscow none of the delegates would do it) was a sign that he was aware that the Tomos was approaching, and that all previous actions by the Moscow Patriarchate could not stop the process.

Having assured, after the negotiations, that the Tomos is inevitable, Moscow, with a high degree of probability, will choose one of three ways of responding (which will be seen in the near future):

1. Further impeding the process with threats of "great schism", prepare for the break-up of relations with Constantinople and cluster all possible forces around it;

2. To maximally procrastinate the process of playing with Phanar in “bad and good policemen”, that is, threatening with the "schism", or offering some form of consent to autocephaly, but “somewhat later.” The goal is to last till the elections in Ukraine in the hope that after them it will be possible already from the side of the pro-Russian authorities to disrupt the process (in Moscow, like in Oppobloc, they are hoping for an election victory or at least a “golden rally” of the pro-Russian forces). This option, judging by comments from the UOC-MP after the trip, is a most probable one;

3. Try to “head” the process by offering an algorithm through the UOC-MP, according to which the autocephalous Ukrainian Church would be based on the UOC-MP, and would remain the satellite of Moscow (as they now have several other Local Churches). Although it is not clear at all, why would Constantinople create with their own hands an additional satellite for Moscow?

That is, in the end - we remain cautious optimists, we work and continue to pray to God for the success of the case.

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  • Mauricio | 1 July 2018, 00:45
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    russians are so pathetic. It is well known that wherever they have gone, they only bring murder, destruction and barbarous acts. Ukraine wants russians and its croonies out of the country !!

  • В. Ясеневий | 26 June 2018, 19:33
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    Ензіан. Михаил такой католик, как я - ПАПА РИМСКИЙ. Вернее всего - он проплаченый Кремлем, фсб и рпц агент-троль.Уверен,что Михаил вовсе не верующий, а зомбированый комуняка - атеист , российский шовинист, ненавидящий Украину и все украинское... Внимательно проанализируйте предыдущие его коменты и Вы в этом сам убедитесь. А про стыд Михаила, простите, это говорить про стыд известной сывой кобылы. На вжные вопросы неканоничности рпц, созданой сталиным и безбожниками, почему-то молчит.

    • Михаил | 26 June 2018, 19:56
      comment comment

      В отличии от вас я знаю, что говорю. Я из с.Плюты, где с советских времён дача Денисенко. И все его там хорошо знают, как и знали Евгению Петровну, его жену и детей. Католиком я стал именно потому, что зная его проделки, не мог оставаться в такой Церкви, где такой митрополит. А семья у меня православная. А вы все знаете только по наслышке и пропаганде. Не вам судить, не зная.

  • Михаил | 26 June 2018, 14:42
    comment comment

    несколько лет назад, после визита Варфоломея в Украину, который заявил, что признает в Украине только одну единственную Православную Церковь, Денисенко так же прицепился к этим словам, выискивал в них тайный смысл - типа "он сказал, что признает только одну, но не сказал какую именно". Намекал, что это сказано про его "упц кп". Сколько можно фантазировать, выдавать желаемое за действительное! Самим не стыдно?

    • enzian | 26 June 2018, 15:59
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      А тобі, "католику", не соромно, що без кінця гавкаєш на Україну, бризкаєш слиною на українців, але досі не спромігся навчитися писати українською?

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  • RODOVID | 16 February 2019, 21:45

    "Тому що еллінізм і Вселенський Патріархат мають першість в Православ'ї"? Вселенський Патріархат - так має першість у Православ'ї, але яке відношення до Церкви має так званий

  • LASTIVKAUST | 16 February 2019, 01:29


  • LASTIVKAUST | 16 February 2019, 01:26

    ПАН "рокитне" заклопотаний кількістю прихожан в його приходах. не буде чим ясир платити МП

  • muhamuha33 | 15 February 2019, 18:52

    хтось ще повірить в цю єресь !!! - 5 років нас усіх годують цією брехнею! А під шумок наші трахані політики нас безсовісно обманюють і обкрадають!!!

  • LASTIVKAUST | 15 February 2019, 18:27


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