A priest of UOC-MP deprived of his parish because of prayer for Ukrainian Army

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In Zaporizhia, Fr Igor Savva, a priest of the Moscow Patriarchate, was deprived of his parish due to his pro-Ukrainian position. According to the faithful, Father Igor, in particular, prayed for the victory of Ukraine’s Armed Forces and refused to remember Russian Patriarch Kirill in the Liturgy.

This is reported by  TSN.Ranok.


"If Ukraine is attacked, this is evil, and the Church cannot stand aside this evil, it must express its opinion. Therefore, perhaps this is the most important issue why the complaints were made against me personally," the priest said.

The priest was repeatedly warned about the sanctions; on March 11 he was informed he would no longer serve in the church. Diocesan representatives came to the church, accompanied by several thugs. They left the temple only after calling the police. Metropolitan Luke of Zaporizhia and Melitopol, who came to the place, refused to communicate with the faithful. He did not speak with the reporters of TSN.

Now another priest will serve in the temple, assigned by the Moscow Patriarchate. Some believers said they would look for another place for prayers, as they choose a patriotic position.

It should be noted that at the beginning of January in Zaporizhzhia, the priests of the UOC (MP) refused to serve burial for the tragically deceased little boy baptized in the Kyivan Patriarchate. After this incident, the “Bring a Doll” campaign took place in many settlements of Ukraine - participants were called to leave toys under the doors of the churches of the Moscow Patriarchate.

The SBU initiated an investigation into the facts of the deliberate actions committed by certain representatives of the UOC-MP and the "Orthodox Union Radomir,” aimed at fueling national and religious animosity and hatred.

In January 2018, a priest of Zaporizhia diocese, Fr Anatoly (Revtov) left the UOC (MP) because of the pro-Russian position of her clergy. He made such a decision after the diocesan assembly on January 10, where his speech in the Ukrainian language caused a scandal.

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  • Стефан | 14 March 2018, 20:05
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    Священник Игорь Савва прав в своих мыслях и рассуждениях, отстаивая истину о защите Украины от внешней агрессии. Пособники продолжателей дела Троцкого, Крупской, Ленина и т.п. упырей и негодяев, естественно противятся, прячатся от света, обнажающего их подлую сущность, направленную против любого честного, мудрого, справедливого.

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  • Михаил | 23 May 2019, 02:01

    Было бы неплохо присоединить к УГКЦ православную церковь, но "пцу" таковой не является. Хотя, согласно католической традиции, считается крещеным человек, даже если этот обряд совершен в

  • Михаил | 22 May 2019, 21:07

    Пан velovs, но так же нельзя. Что же вы отрицаете очевидное, на белое, говорите черное! Денисенко же сам признался в "ситуативном" обмане турок.

  • enzian | 22 May 2019, 15:34

    Туфта - це 12 тисяч "приходів", значна частина яких існує хіба що на папері ябо кількість вірян у яких можна порахувати на пальцях.

  • velovs@ukr.net | 22 May 2019, 15:15

    Как обычно, этот злобно-черноязыкий - вражеско-коллаборантский тролль Михаил "всё знает"!!! :)

  • velovs@ukr.net | 22 May 2019, 14:47

    Такие соцопросы проводятся абсолютно АНОНИМНО! Кроме того, в Украине - совершенно ЛЕГАЛЬНО и ОТКРЫТО, БЕЗНАКАЗАННО и ВЕСЬМА НАХРАПИСТО-АКТИВНО - действует целая и широко разветвлённая

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