Activity of Baptists is under threat of suspension in Shakhtarsk (Donetsk region)

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DSC_0-kkk.jpgMore than two hundred people rallied near one of the Baptist Churches of Shakhtarsk on September 29. People united in social networks and took to the streets to protest against the operation of such organizations in the so called Donesk People's Republi (territory which in not under the control of Ukrainian authorities), their website DAN reports.

The rally started at the local Palace of Culture where the protesters followed to the church carrying banners featuring “No sect!” and “DPR is a territory without sects.” There were no representatives of the Baptist organization, in fact, according to witnesses, the day before all surveillance cameras and signs with slogans had been removed from the building.

“This institution is fully maintained by America and Western Ukraine. I am against it. They carry out pro-Ukrainian propaganda,” Shakhtarsk resident Vira Perekupka believes.

"No one needs it - just another way to skin people of money and property! We do not like a neighborhood -everyone willing can always light a candle in the church,” said Daria Novhorodska, who lives next door to a place of Baptists’ gathering.

After a while, the representatives of the so-called Ministry of Interior of the "DPR" appeared at the meeting. Despite the fact that the meeting was spontaneous, law enforcement officers did not demand from protesters to disperse, but simply maintained the order.

The initiators of the protest meanwhile promised to hold such actions until the like Baptist church organization cease their activities in the Republic.

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  • Костянтин | 12 November 2015, 07:22
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    "поки подібні баптистській церкві організації не припинять свою діяльність в Республіці." - так ведь самой "республики то НЕТ... и не предвидится. А баптисты ( и другие искрение христиане) были и будут, переживут ещё не одну "республику"...

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  • romand | 24 February 2018, 16:52

    A wolf in sheep's clothing?

  • | 22 February 2018, 20:55

    Как знать: всё может быть... -------- Пусть приезжает: я с гневным протестом под колёса его "папомобиля" бросаться НИКАК не буду! :-) -------- Едва ли не как это тогда, в июне 2001 г.,

  • Михаил | 22 February 2018, 20:03

    Приезд Святейшего Папы в любом случае привлечёт новое и дополнительное внимание к Украине и, возможно, заставит многих по новому взглянуть на наши проблемы и проявить больше решительности.

  • | 22 February 2018, 14:32

    Помнится, что 23-27 июня 2001 г. в Украину с БЛАГОСЛОВЕННЫМ архипастырским визитом приезжал воистину великий и вдохновенный служитель Божий - св. Папа Иоанн Павел ІІ. ------ И вот РОВНО через ТРИ с

  • Михаил | 22 February 2018, 13:15

    Устами младенца глаголет истина!

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