Jews of Ukraine Are Against Artificial 'Antifascist' Campaign

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A statement published on the website of the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities reads that the Congress of the National Communities of Ukraine and the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities, which is made up of 266 organizations from 90 cities of Ukraine including 52 religious organizations, spoke against the use of artificial “antifascist” rhetoric at the meeting to be organized allegedly by the ruling party in Kyiv on May 18 and warned against provocations of interethnic character. 

"“On 18 May, in Kyiv, a meeting is to be held which is called “antifascist” by the organizers who are connected with the Party of Regions. The event crowns a few days’ action “To Europe without fascism which included demonstrations in many towns of Ukraine.  The available information allows to state confidently that the campaign presented as an “antifascist” one is initiated by the ruling party and is conducted with a heavy use of administrative resource. According to the published methodical recommendations on the organization of 'antifascist marches and meetings,' the campaign is aimed at artificially creating a dualist model of opposition against the government, aimed at Europe, and 'fascists' that drag the country back to the past. The participants of the campaign exploit symbols associated with the Great Patriotic War which probably is to promote  public mobilization and radicalization of the artificial confrontation.

Obviously, the “antifascist” actions are aimed primarily to discredit the political opposition by way of imposition upon the public of associations between historic fascism and the All-Ukrainian Association Freedom and all the forces opposing the current regime," reads the statement.

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    • Zenia | 24 March 2019, 12:14

      Сколько тебе заплатили ФСБ за это кукареканье по всему сайту, русский петух?)) Марш на свою парашу и сиди там тихо, быдло!

    • firemark | 23 March 2019, 22:44

      михаил, ты за упц (обновленцев) или за воинствующих безбожников (1920...30гг)?

    • Михаил | 23 March 2019, 13:22

      Верх лицемерия! Сидеть и глумиться в президиуме "собора" древней Софии, давить даже на самого Денисенко, чтобы состряпать какую-то никем не признанную псевдоцерковь "пцу",

    • В. Ясеневий | 22 March 2019, 12:39

      Браво, шановний КИЄВЛЯНИНЕ!!! Та ВАШУ, воістинно, мудру думку мали б, найперше, озвучити Глави та Ієрархи УГКЦ і УПЦ... Дуже шкода що вони до цього ще не додумалися. А чому? Може ще не доросли,

    • ja.kyjanyn | 21 March 2019, 23:39

      Дозволю собі висловити тут таку думку. Панові Святославу, та всім хто підтримує висловлену у цьому інтерв'ю позицію варто пам'ятати і усвідомлювати, що сьогодні немає перешкод для греко-католикам

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