Protestant Pastor from Crimea Runs for Parliament

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m3f9f811d56cad5e046af9c9257fd06751351148643.jpgSenior Pastor of the Kingdom of God Church in Crimea, Valerii Makarenko, is running for the Parliament in electoral Circuit 181 as a candidate nominating himself, reported.

In his address to the voters, Makarenko stressed that unlike the “professional” politicians, he understands well the complexity of necessary changes. “And I understand that I cannot do it without your support. Important matters not done on one’s own,” noted the candidate.

In 2002, in Kharkiv, he opened the first regional rehabilitation center for drug addicts in the village of Komunar and headed a public organization called the Emmanuel Center for Spiritual and Social and Psychological Rehabilitation.

“The work quickly reached the national level and then was transformed into an international foundation for the formation of healthy way of life. The foundation, called Healthy Youth Center, is active now in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Israel and Bulgaria. The main objective of the center is to propagate a healthy way of life and rehabilite addicts of various types. The work of the foundation was distinguished by President Medvediev. Social problems and competent settlement thereof is the priority for Valerii Makarenko,” reads his website.

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    • | 8 December 2017, 13:19


    • В. Ясеневий | 8 December 2017, 12:09

      Дивна і незрозуміла логіка:зрадити Христа - це зрадити Папу Римського,а зрадити Понтифіка - це зрадити Христа???А якщо Папа впаде в єресь?Тоді Його наступник буде проводити відомий в історій РКЦ

    • | 8 December 2017, 10:26

      "А ще нехай Господь просвiтить всiх i архимандрита Арсенiя, що таке УНIЯ (де вона находиться, що "люди пiшли в

    • | 8 December 2017, 08:53

      ""Де у тих iнших украiнських Церквах,якi точно также моляться "Вiрую..."дiвся Апостол Св.Петро,на якому Христос збудував Свою Христову Церкву i поставив Його видимим Головою

    • Hristina Voloshin | 8 December 2017, 00:57

      Дякувати Богу за ласку мудростi архимандрита Арсенiя,за Його смiливий i ришучий крок.Господи дай йому сили i здоров"я здолати напад, який на нього неминуче нагряне.А ще нехай Господь просвiтить

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