OSCE holds a seminar on peaceful relations between religious communities in Lviv

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A weekly seminar on peaceful relations between religious communities and inter-confessional dialogue began in Lviv. The initiator of the project was the OSCE mission in Ukraine, which has been monitoring the situation in areas where inter-denominational disputes have been acute during past two years.

OSCE staff from different countries invited representatives of the religious communities of the UOC-MP and the UOC-KP from Rivne and Ternopil regions to cooperate and discuss.

The program of the seminar provides an overview of the national legislation on religion and beliefs, the establishment of interfaith dialogue, practical advice on legal issues.

The event lasts almost a week, during which participants will be able to listen to lectures and advice from experts from Scotland, Poland, Italy, and the USA, to discuss and dialogue with each other within the specified topics.


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    • Nik173Varuv | 12 August 2017, 22:28

      Правильно свого часу висловився один священик із Києва: " Коли Наречена Христова укладає шлюб із державою, вона ризикує залишитись бездітною ".

    • enzian | 10 August 2017, 15:37

      Різниця в тому, що УПЦ КП підтримує українську державність, а УПЦ МП - ставлеників московської орди.

    • Ігор Мицько | 8 August 2017, 19:27

      Нововисвячений владика екзарх, як всі "лівобережні " та "південні" єпископи в Україні?

    • enzian | 5 August 2017, 18:55

      Сіверський - це не сєвєрний.

    • chernomorets | 4 August 2017, 16:57

      Він православний

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