Land and property problems

  • 24 November 2018, 08:07 | Land and property problems | 

    Ministry of Justice repeals the illegal re-registration of the Pochayiv Lavra complex

    The Appeal Commission on State Registration to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has repealed the illegal re-registration of a complex of buildings of the Holy Assumption Pochayiv Lavra.

  • 20 November 2018, 10:53 | Land and property problems | 

    Culture Ministry challenges transfer of Pochayiv Lavra to UOC-MP

    The Ukrainian Culture Ministry has challenged at the Justice Ministry the actions of a state registrar with the demand to cancel the decision on the state registration of the right of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP) to use the property of the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra monastery and to bring the registrar to account, the press service of the Ternopil regional prosecutor's office reported on Friday.

  • 3 August 2018, 10:57 | Inter-Orthodox relations | 

    After Tomos, no violence for redistributing church property will burst out

    The statements about the "seizure of churches", the possibility of a “civil war” once the Tomos of autocephaly is issued are an example of the Kremlin’s misinformation, a lie that is part of a hybrid war against Ukraine.

  • 30 July 2018, 12:47 | Land and property problems | 

    Jewish community of Chernihiv stands for its synagogue where Youth Theater is located

    The issue of the building of the Youth Theater takes center stage in Chernihiv. Now, the Jewish community of the city is trying to return this building because it is a former synagogue.

  • 3 April 2018, 14:04 | Land and property problems | 

    New development in the confrontation between UOC-KP and UOC (MP) in Ptycha village in Rivne region

    On April 2, villagers entered the church on a court ruling to lift an attachment of the church property. Litigation on this case has continued four months. Religious communities of the Moscow and Kyiv Patriarchates pretend to own the temple.

  • 2 April 2018, 11:16 | Land and property problems | 

    Roman Catholics in Sevastopol conduct festive Paschal service in front of closed church

    On Easter Sunday, April 1, the Roman Catholic community of Sevastopol prayed on the street in front of the church's closed door. The worship was held by a priest of the UGCC, who read out the greetings from the Metropolitan Lazar of Simferopol and the Crimean (Moscow Patriarchate) and Fr Serhiy Haliuta, dean of Sevastopol deanery, reports Krym.Realii.

  • 12 February 2018, 13:45 | Land and property problems | 

    UOC-MP collects 1200 signatures to legalize unauthorized constructions near the Church of Tithes

    The petition “On the provision of the right to freedom of religion of the faithful of the UOC-MP and public order around the Church of Tithes (chapel) was sent to the head of Kyiv City State Administration Vitakiy Klitschko on February 8, 2018. 12 thousand signatures under the appeal were collected within three days. This is reported by the Information and Educational Department of the UOC-MP (MP).

  • 21 November 2017, 11:22 | Land and property problems | 

    Seized premises of the UOC-KP to be passed to Crimean Ministry of Property

    In early 2016, the Crimean Diocesan Department of the UOC-Kyivan Patriarchate, according to the decision of the “Arbitration Court of the Republic of Crimea,” was deprived of parts of the premises in the center of Simferopol, which houses the Cathedral of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles, Prince Volodymyr and Olga.

  • 26 October 2017, 13:33 | Land and property problems | 

    Head of the UGCC comments on the conflict concerning the Holy Annunciation Church in Kolomyia

  • 24 October 2017, 11:01 | Protests and conflicts | 

    Conflict between the Ukrainian Orthodox of Moscow Patriarchate and the Ukrainian Greek Catholics over the church in western Ukrainian town of Kolomyya

    On June 5, the Holy Annunciation Church, which is in use of the religious community of the UOC (the Moscow Patriarchate), was blocked and sealed under public pressure.

  • 20 October 2017, 13:06 | Religion and society | 

    Holocaust memorial center will be built at Babi Yar

    In September at Babi Yar created a Lapidarium of tombstones of the old Jewish cemetery.

  • 19 July 2017, 13:00 | Land and property problems | 

    OSCE holds a seminar on peaceful relations between religious communities in Lviv

    The event lasts almost a week, during which participants will be able to listen to lectures and advice from experts from Scotland, Poland, Italy, and the USA, to discuss and dialogue with each other within the specified topics.

  • 29 June 2017, 09:48 | Freedom of Conscience | view video | 

    In Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi the UOC-KP remind of her rights in a religious procession

    On the Constitution Day, the Diocese of Odesa of the UOC-KP held a religious procession in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi. The faithful of the UOC-KP reminded in this manner the constitutional norm of religious freedom that was violated in the city.

  • 25 April 2017, 09:55 | Land and property problems

    UOC (MP) invents a way to leave communities without property in case of denomination change

    With the help of ordinary church charters, the Ukrainian communities can be deprived of their property and denied any opportunity to influence the order in their church. Most believers do not know anything about the new documents that clergymen extensively approve.

  • 7 April 2017, 16:11 | UGCC | view photo

    Head of the UGCC makes a first visit to Poltava

    On the feast of the Annunciation, April 7, Patriarch Sviatoslav (Shevchuk), the Head of the UGCC, visited Poltava. The purpose of his visit was to bless a land plot for a new church and meet with the faithful.

  • 19 December 2016, 12:47 | Land and property problems | view photo | 

    Roman Catholics of Rivne want to repossess their church

    The building, erected in 1897, was the church of St. Anthony until 50's of the last century. Then the Soviets destroyed a part of it, including the Baroque spiers, opened there a cinema theatre, and in the 80's – an organ hall. Since Philharmonic is the municipal institution of the Regional Council, the Roman Catholics reached out to the council members to regain possession of the church.

  • 6 December 2016, 15:29 | Terrorism | 

    In Horlivka, a Seventh Day Adventist church seized, all property confiscated

    Note that in September 2014, when Horlivka was already beyond the Ukrainian government’s control, armed men kidnapped Adventist pastor Serhiy Lytovchenko in the house of prayer during communion. The kidnappers justified their actions by saying “this is an Orthodox land and it has no place various sects.” The pastor was liberated from prison only after 20 days.

  • 5 May 2016, 08:59 | Land and property problems | 

    Kherson City council members oppress Muslim communities, later state

    For the six consecutive years, the Muslim community have appealed to local authorities for permission to develop land management documents, necessary for the construction of the places of worship and a cultural center.

  • 19 February 2016, 14:06 | Land and property problems | 

    Ukrainian Orthodox bishop of Kyiv Patriarchate in Crimea: I will stay in Crimea

    “I did everything that depended on me as a ruling bishop of the UOC-KP and on my priests. If we've made any mistakes, we would have long been liquidated, and we would not have been in Crimea. We saved the diocese, the church, the faithful,” he added.

  • 18 February 2016, 09:47 | Land and property problems | 

    Catholics of Odessa request their property from authorities

    Some 50 Catholics gathered in Odessa on February 17, near the building of Odessa Regional State Administration to announce their demands. According to the priest Yuri Nagornyy, rector of the Roman Catholic parish in Suvorov district, there have been no responses to repeated appeal to regional leaders. Meanwhile, the Catholics of Odessa are concerned about the provision of return of religious property under which they can claim for the property, which had become subordinated to the state during the Soviet era, reports.